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Episode 052

Cleaning Business Cash Flow: Episode 052: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 052 – Cleaning Business Cash Flow: Episode 052: Mike Campion LIVE

Cleaning Business Cash Flow
On today’s episode we cover cleaning business cashflow and have a blast doing it!

Our host Mike Campion talks with longtime friend Mike Coy from True Merchant Advantage about how to improve your cleaning companies cash flow and I’m just gonna come out and say it- it’s awesome!

So many owners of cleaning companies bill different customers on different days and spend hours working on invoicing, billing and collecting with a bunch of dead money in their accounts receivable- listen in and discover how to get that cash in your hot little hands and virtually eliminate collections and billing from your life.

The Mikes cover why it is so important to set your customers up on an auto pay system (instead of billing and collecting) and how to do it without a lot of headache in under 45 days.

BONUS LOVIN: Always charge for the upcoming month at the beginning of the month- never for work you have already completed

You will also discover how setting up charging your customer properly totally ELIMINATES bad debt and what a fool’s errand it is to chase after deadbeats and continue to throw good money after bad.

Don’t worry Mike and Mike share everything you need to do to switch your customers over to a cleaning business cashflow positive system with no collections effort and no bad debt all the way down to what paperwork to use and how to present it to your customer.

Before the fun ends, they also demystify the technology behind merchant services and how easy it is to get paid, set up recurring charges and automate the whole enchilada.

BONUS TIP: Expensive terminals to swipe credit cards are a thing of the past find out how you can use your phone, tablet or desktop to do it all.

Mike also covers how easy it is to qualify, what contract to use and everything you need to know to make getting paid easier and faster than ever.

BONUS LOVIN: You do need a good contract, but it doesn’t have to be super complex

Once you get all of the details and benefits of getting paid quickly and efficiently you are going to want the scoop on how to put new customers on the new and improved system as well as transition old ones- never fear Mike lays out an awesome system that you can do in less than 45 days to improve your Cleaning Business Cashflow.

RESOURCE ALERT: 4 hour work week – byTimothy Ferriss recommended by both Mike’s!

BONUS TIP: If they don’t pay, they have to go away!

Don’t worry, your fearless host MIke makes sure that our guest is willing to help Cleaning Nation make this switch (for free), go get hooked up right now at:

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