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Episode 095

Cleaning Bidding: Episode 095: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 095 – Cleaning Bidding

Cleaning Bidding
In today’s episode Mike coaches Alejandra Garibay of Central Indiana Cleaning on how to create an outstanding cleaning bidding package.

First things first Mike explains the biggest mistake so many people make when it comes to what you put in a cleaning bidding package.

It might seem counterintuitive but you would be surprised to hear what important information that should be in every cleaning bidding package should only make up 10% of the content.

Listen in to find out what it is!

BONUS TIP: The bid should be about your client’s pain.

Figure out the real reason you are there, and it’s NOT about emptying the trash!

A key difference between “just another cleaner” and building value to your unique services is asking them about their pain, what keeps them up at night and what drives them crazy and how you can solve those problems with your cleaning.

BONUS TIP: Your cleaning bidding package should be all about solving their pain. A package that asages all of their fears.

Learn what vital documents you should include in every package and what should be custom tailored to your new prospective client.

The point is to not be the lowest bidder, but to provide the biggest benefit to them.

If you position yourself just as the person that takes out the trash, the next person that is cheaper will get the job, but if you are the only person that truly understands their pain the price no longer counts.

BONUS TIP: Every time you get an objection it’s not because the reason they give you, it’s because you haven’t built enough value.

Don’t get confused with the mechanics with it. First and foremost is pain.

Once you understand your customer’s pain and can explain it back to them the way you deliver it is not as important.

Always include a contract in your cleaning bidding package. Something they can sign and get started right away.

You may have 5 or 6 different pieces, but only 1 or 2 of them are going to be custom for that customer.

Listen in to hear where Mike suggest you can get sample contracts.

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Be on time, every client is important
Under-pricing is a killer, no one wants to end up working for free
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