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Episode 021

Cleaning Advertising Ideas: Episode 021: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 021 – Cleaning Advertising Ideas

Cleaning Advertising Ideas
Cleaning advertising ideas from Mike Campion to a 20 year veteran cleaning company owner.

Alfred Oliveras from Northwest Janitorial talk cleaning advertising ideas and share the ups and downs of 20 years of experience running a cleaning business…

Grow your cleaning business without a bunch of money
Grow your cleaning business with NO money
Exactly how to figure a marketing and advertising budget for your cleaning company
If you are like many of the business owners I coach, you have spent money on marketing to build your cleaning business and either got very little or nothing at all in return. Don’t be fooled into thinking that means you can’t afford to market your cleaning business or that advertising doesn’t work at all.

If you really think about it, you will probably realize you do have the resources to market your cleaning company, you just don’t have enough to waste money on things that don’t work!

It costs way too much to attempt to market to every Tom Dick & Harry and we share the secret to actually get results from your marketing budget. Who to market to, what to say, where to advertise. Discover how you can have less marketing failures by making sure you speak to your ideal customer with their ideal message and then track your results!

Feel like you have zero dollars to invest in your company? That’s ok, we talk about how to grow with no marketing budget. We also discuss the fact that there is no such thing as a free lunch or free business growth. If you don’t have money to put in, you will need to invest your time.

We dive into how and why you want to build relationships (and with who), why creativity is so important and how to do it, what sort of accounts to throw your precious time and hard earned money at and more.

While we are at it here is an awesome resource from with a TON of creative cleaning advertising ideas: CLICK HERE

We keep the party rolling and talk about how to know what your customers pain and pleasure is (HINT: they are business owners just like you) along with the idea of budgeting your time just like you (should be) budgeting your dollars.

We lay out a simple formula…

Figure out exactly who your ideal prospect is
Budget recurring weekly time in your calendar to connect with them
Come up with a super creative plan to be best friends forever with them
But wait… there’s more!! Sorry… couldn’t help myself… We talk about the best FREE way in the known universe to get a wall of top shelf prospects calling you every stinking month! Testimonials- referrals- references- it’s a cleaning business marketing idea fiesta!!

Come for the cleaning advertising ideas and stay for my charming personality!!

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