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Episode 393

Clean Profit LIVE Event : 393 : Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 393 – Clean Profit LIVE Event

Today Mike is at one of his live events, talking with some of the people that came out to stay with him, trying to figure out some of the things that they took away from the event. We are going to go through one-by-one and break down each of advice that each person has!

    • Finding out your “perfect prospect” (who your ideal, target audience is) and then learning their pain and how you can help ease it is on of the best ways to start real growth in your company. Cleaning will always stay around the same value, (not very valuable) however knowing how to ease someone’s pain is an entirely different story. This point feeds well into the next, where we will brush over who your “perfect prospect” is.
    • When looking for your niche, there are a few guidelines that you should have in place so that you can pick a good niche that you can really stick with. The first thing that you want to look for, funnily enough, is pain. As we were going through on our last point, your potential customer having pain is going to make all the difference between how much of a difference you can make in their life, and in turn how much value that you would be able to provide. The second guideline that you want to look for is if they have money. You want to make sure that whatever your niche is, that they can pay for your services. (Keep in mind that by providing the premium service of easing a customer’s pain, you can charge a more premium price.) After that, you’ll just want to make sure that your niche is a good size (too small and you run out of potential clients, too big and you can’t truly know your niche’s pain.)

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    • One of the biggest ways to get your potential customers is to give as much value as you can for free. It may seem counterintuitive, however getting your potential customers to know like and trust you before you try to sell them anything is a great way to help your conversion rates go up. If you get to the point where you’ve got a good niche, knowledge on your niches pain, and are giving away tons of value for free, when the time comes to actually make the sale, you’ll find that most times the customer may actually try to sell you on taking them on!
    • The last point we are going to go over is core values. It is important to have strong core values for every aspect of your work life. (and they definitely can help in your personal life too!) Every decision you make should be based around your core values. This will help ensure that you can really provide real value to not only your customers but your employees as well. Once you start to trim off all of your “bad” employees and customer and start replacing them with like-minded people who share your core values, you’ll realize just how important keeping strong core values is. It’s important to remember that your “values” and your “core values” are different. Your core values should be 3-5 values that you follow wholeheartedly whereas you can have a lot of values that are still important but don’t make as many decisions for your day-to-day life.

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