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Episode 456

Choosing a Name for Success: Episode 456: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 456 – Choosing a Name for Success

Choosing the right name for your cleaning company can seem difficult. A majority of the time you end up deciding on the name of your company before you even really know what your company is about. As you start to grow and gain clarity and customers, your vision for your company may change.  You may soon realize that your name doesn’t reflect your companies ideals. But how can you fix your name? Is it even important? Let’s find out.

Having the wrong name gives you a lack of alignment with yourself and your customers. Mike’s first business had a terrible name, and Mike felt no connection to it. He felt like a part of him died every time he said it! His next company sold shade structures and was called ‘Killer Shade’. This name not only reflected Mike’s company and core values accurately, but also was very memorable for his clients. When you start to get into the double digits of employees and in the hundreds of customers, you need a name that resonates with them.

One of the biggest mistakes companies make is naming their company around themselves. Your customers want to talk about their pain, not yours. “Mike’s Cleaning Company” doesn’t properly convey anything about your company or its core values. Worse than that, the name revolves completely around you, rather than them.

Another common misconception is that your name isn’t important. When you hear the word ‘Walmart’ what comes to mind? “Cheap”. Not knocking it, of course, but the word does elicit that thought. When you think Mercedes Benz you think “luxury” or “expensive”. Having a strong name is much more important than a lot of people realize. Having aname that clearly represents what your company is about is imperative to growth. 

Think about this. If instead of ‘Grow my Cleaning Company’ Mike had gone with the name “Mike’s Coaching” what would you know from just that name? ‘Grow my Cleaning Company’ tells you exactly what you’re looking for – to grow your cleaning company. “Mikes Coaching” revolves completely around Mike, and doesn’t even tell you what kind of coaching he’s offering. Whereas “Grow My Cleaning Company” is a name for Mike’s specific customers.

Many company owners don’t want to change their name out of fear, however Mike stresses that you don’t have to get rid of what you already have. You can just start by calling your company by a new name, and your old name will naturally get phased out over time. It’s more important to focus on getting your new name set up, rather than focusing on shutting down your original one. Start being clear with your customers about who you are, and what your company does, and your company will soon be known by its new name.  Choosing the right name for your company might seem difficult, however with a little thought and consideration of the things we’ve discussed here, it’s actually a simple change that can have a profound affect on the growth of your cleaning company.

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