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Episode 975

Choosing the Right Marketing Tools for Your Cleaning Company: Episode 975


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episode 975
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Episode 975 – Choosing the Right Marketing Tools for Your Cleaning Company


In this episode, Mike and Jered delve into the importance of finding and embracing your unique identity in the cleaning industry. They emphasize the need to move beyond generic core values and instead focus on understanding your target market and offering something truly distinct. This blog post summarizes their insightful discussion, highlighting key points and offering practical tips for building a successful marketing strategy.

The Importance of Understanding the Client's Buying Cycle

In this conversation, Mike and Jared recognize the value of using the right marketing tools for the job. While various advertising methods exist, it is crucial to consider the client’s buying cycle and where they are most likely to be reached. Residential cleaning services often have shorter sales cycles, requiring a focus on channels that cater to quick responses. Conversely, commercial cleaning services involve a more extended sales cycle, necessitating a longer-term approach with consistent messaging over time.

Online and Offline Marketing: A Comparison

Mike explores the advantages and considerations of online and offline marketing. In the past, marketing was predominantly offline, but now there is a blend of both strategies. Offline methods like telemarketing and cold calling can yield immediate results when time allows but lack scalability. On the other hand, online marketing, although more time-consuming and intricate, can lead to long-term success once momentum is gained.

The Power of Core Values and Emotional Marketing

Jared highlights the importance of defining core values and incorporating them into marketing efforts. By identifying what sets a business apart from competitors, a distinctive voice can be created, allowing the business to stand out in a crowded market. Instead of solely aiming for professionalism, Jared encourages businesses to focus on differentiation and evoking emotions from their target audience. Mike adds that aiming for love, even if it invites some hate, can be more effective in marketing than seeking universal approval. Trump’s marketing strategy during the presidential campaign serves as an example, emphasizing the power of evoking strong emotions and creating a memorable brand compared to a more neutral approach.

Embrace Your Authenticity

Mike and Jered stress the significance of staying true to yourself while carving out a niche in the cleaning industry. They encourage listeners to identify their unique strengths and qualities, ensuring that their branding reflects their genuine selves. By leveraging these attributes, cleaners can develop a distinct identity that sets them apart from competitors. For instance, instead of emphasizing generic cleaning skills, they suggest connecting with clients on a deeper level and showcasing how their services can enhance clients’ lives in meaningful ways.

The Power of Effective Labeling:

The hosts emphasize the power of labeling in marketing. They share examples of companies and political figures who successfully employed labels to differentiate themselves and make a lasting impact. They highlight the importance of developing memorable and meaningful labels that resonate with your target audience. By focusing on specific niches, understanding where your clients spend their time, and tailoring your messaging accordingly, you can create connections that leave a lasting impression.

Crafting a Strategic Marketing Plan:

To develop an effective marketing strategy, Mike and Jered suggest starting with a solid foundation. This involves understanding your unique qualities, identifying your target audience, and pinpointing their specific pain points. By reverse engineering your messaging based on these insights, you can create content that resonates with your audience. Additionally, they advise utilizing both online and offline channels to reach potential clients. Social media platforms like Facebook can be effective for residential cleaning services, while targeting specific professionals and establishments offline can yield great results for commercial cleaning services.


In a crowded cleaning industry, standing out requires embracing your authentic self and crafting a unique brand identity. By understanding your target market, identifying their specific needs, and leveraging effective labeling techniques, you can create a strong foundation for your marketing strategy. Remember, it’s not just about being the best cleaner; it’s about offering something that adds value and resonates with your clients. So, take the time to discover your true self, develop your unique selling points, and build a marketing plan that connects with your audience on a deeper level.
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