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Episode 1000

Celebrating 1,000 Episodes of Growth and Transformation with the WHOLE TEAM!: Episode 1000


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Episode 1000
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Episode 1000 – Celebrating 1,000 Episodes of Growth and Transformation with the WHOLE TEAM!


Welcome to a monumental milestone, Cleaning Nation! We are thrilled to bring you our 1,000th episode of the Grow My Cleaning Company podcast. To mark this special occasion, we’ve gathered the entire team for an unforgettable episode where you get to know each of us better. This podcast episode captures the essence of our unique team, their roles, and the insights they bring to the world of cleaning business growth. Join us for an engaging discussion that dives into the diverse perspectives and experiences that have shaped our journey over the past eight years.

A Glimpse into the Celebration:

Picture this: an energetic gathering of twelve dynamic individuals, each a key player in the Grow My Cleaning Company team. This celebratory episode is brimming with laughter, genuine connections, and a sense of unity. If you’re curious to put faces to names, head over to our YouTube channel to watch the fun unfold!

The Claw Master and Internet Adventures:

Our charismatic host, Jered, kicks off the episode with an honest confession about his internet struggles, and titles himself the “Claw Master.” Despite the occasional technical challenges, the team is fully invested in this special episode, making it a lighthearted and entertaining experience.

Connecting with Cleaning Business Owners:

The episode delves into the heart of what we do – connecting with cleaning business owners and empowering them to succeed. Our tech expert, Jackson, shares valuable insights from his calls with clients. From technical queries to optimizing Facebook ads, Jackson’s experiences highlight the importance of understanding the unique challenges that cleaning entrepreneurs face.

Unveiling the Enthusiastic Enrollment Coaches:

The spotlight shifts to the enthusiastic enrollment coaches – Jorge, Sal, and Shawn – who share their passion for guiding cleaning business owners towards growth. Jorge, with his Puerto Rican roots, emphasizes the joy of helping clients automate their businesses and achieve their dreams. Sal highlights the significance of mentorship and recommends books that have inspired him. Shawn shines a light on the rewards of witnessing clients’ determination to overcome challenges and succeed.

A Dive into the World of Mindset Coaching:

Suzanne and Jenell, our mindset coaches, offer profound insights into the transformative journey of mindset coaching. Suzanne highlights the power of embracing a growth mindset, while Jenell shares the shifts she witnesses as clients transition from self-doubt to realizing their true potential.

Customer Happiness and the Ghost in the Machine:

Lindsay, the guardian of customer happiness, reveals the challenges of keeping up with our energetic and ever-growing team. Her dedication to delivering exceptional customer experiences is evident in her commitment to always staying engaged and on her toes. And then there’s Apple, the mysterious and elusive admin assistant who shares her fascination with Korean culture and its captivating allure.

A Special Thank You:

As we wrap up this celebratory podcast episode, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all of you, the Cleaning Nation, for your unwavering support, engagement, and trust in our journey. It is your dedication and commitment that have driven us to reach this incredible milestone.


And there you have it, a captivating glimpse into our special 1,000th podcast episode. We’ve laughed, shared insights, and celebrated the incredible journey of helping cleaning business owners thrive and succeed. From tech troubleshooting to mindset transformations, our team’s diverse perspectives and roles come together to create a tapestry of growth, inspiration, and camaraderie. As we embark on the next phase of our journey, we invite you to be a part of the Cleaning Nation community and continue to grow with us. Cheers to a thousand episodes of learning, laughter, and limitless possibilities!
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