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Episode 400

Case Study With The Owner Of Facility Concierge Services : 400 : Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 400 – Case Study With The Owner Of Facility Concierge Services

Today Mike is doing a Case study with an actual member of the Clean Profit Method- Mary, who has grown her niche of office cleaning to 35+ employees, cleaning 1,000,000+ sqf. A night! Mike brought Mary on to share what has and hasn’t worked while growing her company!

Before we worked together, what were you going through? What made you start looking for help?

“I think the biggest thing was realizing that there were certain things that I didn’t know how to do. I didn’t have anywhere to turn to and as I was listening to you I started to realize that there were things beyond the podcast that I needed help with. The biggest thing that we were struggling with was hiring, and finding the right employees. We started doing some things that we didn’t want to do when we needed bodies. I kept getting frustrated not knowing where to go and wasting so much time and energy just to find people.”

What things have you tried that did or didn’t work before starting to look for help?

“I’ve done job fairs, employee referral programs, sign-on bonuses, I’ve tried a lot of different things but nothing seemed to really work. I got to meet a lot of people which was fun, but I couldn’t find a way to really make a change and get good employees. I started sending out invitations. I’ve been doing them every week and the people that come through the door, I hire them, with the exception of two, and they’ve been doing fantastic, and are a great part of our team. ”

How many staff do you have and about how many people are you hiring a month?

“Well our turnover rate has significantly gone down, so I’m using these new candidates to try and find more people who are a fit. Even if I have a full staff I’m still interviewing people and searching for new people who are a good fit. It’s been storming the last few weeks here and I’ve actually used that as an indicator to see who will actually show up. I’ve even had someone who was ready to clean that day.”

What questions do you ask to weed through the candidates?

(from the comments on the live video

“Your questions should be core value based, not cleaning based. I’ve seen a lot of people get into a lot of specific things that may not matter. You want 20% of the questions to be important questions, I.E if they have a vehicle, and the rest is making sure they’re a good fit.”

What was the first thing that I asked you to do that really made a difference in your business?

“Right after I joined Clean Profit I had kind of a devastating event happen but you helped me push through it. The biggest thing that I had to do was really define my core values. I thought I had core values, but I wasn’t really running the company with them. Now every day I talk about my core values with every chance that I get.”

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