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Episode 704

Case Study: Proof that Mindset is Essential to a Growing, Thriving Business: Episode 704


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Episode 704 – Case Study: Proof That Mindset Really Is Essential to a Growing, Thriving Business

Welcome to the podcast Cleaning Nation! Today, our own mindset magician Tracey Thompson is with Kat and Krissi Zakariasen – an amazing sister/twin duo who started Twin Power Residential Cleaning in 2017. Today we’ll discuss the decision these two made to work with Cleaning Nation again, how that has helped them uplevel their business, and the huge role mindset played in propelling their business forward from there. This episode is so encouraging!

Growth is Often Dependent On Getting More Support

Kat and Krissy first came to us a year ago when they joined our Clean Profit Method program. They spend the next year implementing all that they had learned into their business. It was during that time Krissy and Kat could see the potential for even greater growth in their company, but it started to feel a little overwhelming. Scarcity mindset got the better of them (as it so often does for all of us) and doubt started to creep in. Ironically, shortly thereafter, their business started to plateau. They recognized it was time to get some more help and joined our Next Level program.

Since they started investing in themselves and their company through Grow My Cleaning Company, they’ve gone from $400 per month per person to $4,000 per month per person. In other words, they have 10x their profit! Pretty exciting stuff!

The Key to Excelling in a Market with Lots of Current Barriers

Kat and Krissy started their company right as Covid started to rock the world. In fact, they hired their first employee in March of 2020. During a time when so many used Covid as an excuse not to show up in their business, Krissi and Kat chose not to view it as a roadblock but as an opportunity. In fact, they saw a demand and tried to fill it rather than finding excuses for why a cleaning business wasn’t a good idea in that environment.. Ie. they prioritized mindset over everything.

The same goes for hiring. Though it could be said that hiring is difficult right now, Kat and Krissy now have 20 employees in their business. During their time in the Clean Profit Method program, they learned the power of Core Values. For them, hiring employees who align with their same core values has been key.

What Makes the Difference Once The RIght MIndset Is In Place

Once Kat and Krissy got their mindset right, they were so much more open to positive change in their business. Simple things like really being aware of the money going in and out, tracking applicant data, putting more money into ads to attract potential employees and hiring employees they could trust to manage certain parts of the business were huge. Not only that but it was these things that really enabled them to start to work ON their business instead of IN their business. If you’ve been with Cleaning Nation very long, you know this is where the magic really starts to happen.

What Are Some of the Biggest Myths in This Industry Right Now?

According to Krissy, one of the biggest myths she used to believe and has since let go of is the idea that if you’re a business owner, you always have to be on. It is a huge relief to realize that you can put the trust in your systems and the amazing employees you hire. Then you can let them know- these are the hours and times I will be available. Outside of that, I trust that you have this handled. This shift was life changing for Krissy.

For Kat, the idea she believed but has come to see as a myth is the matter of increasing rates for services rendered -ie. raising your prices. She struggled to trust that people would pay top dollar for top service but has since learned that they will and happily.

Final Takeaway:

Kat and Krissy have come to realize- and you can too-that growing a thriving, successful cleaning business that runs itself is much less about circumstances and much more about mindset. They are using these tools to build a sustainable, ever- growing business.

Want to know more about these tools and what you can do to get out of your own way and improve your mindset? Go to to listen to our FREE webinar or and book a call with one of our coaches. They will get you set up with all the tools, systems, and more to build the business you’ve always wanted.

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