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Episode 395

Case Study Episode With Owners of On the Spot Cleaning : 395 : Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 395 – Case Study Episode With Owners of On the Spot Cleaning

Today Mike is doing another Case Study episode with members of cleaning nation Caitlin & Alonzo! We’re going to dive into where they were when they started vs where they are now question by question.

What were the biggest struggles you endured starting out before finding cleaning nation?

“The biggest issues we had starting out was the foundation. Where our core values were. We were all over the place before we met you and it has honestly been such a blessing. Before the business was running us, but as of right now we are the ones running the business.”

When you first started how many employees did you have?

“Well right when we started with you we had six employees.”

What was the last straw that had you reach out to me?

“It was always like that. I was always looking to get bigger and spend more time with family. There was a lot of things that I missed with my kids growing up, and after studying you for over a year I finally found the right time after I got out of my other job.”

Had you tried anything before that worked or didn’t work before finding cleaning nation?

“Well we had picked up several book, on top of watching youtube videos. There was a lot of not knowing where to go. We want to grow substantially, but we had no idea where to go. It was a tough position to be in.”

What was the first thing that you did that made a big difference [in your business]?

“The first thing we did was actually reach out to you. Somebody that has a lot of experience with the business. There is a lot of things that you don’t realize, it’s nice to have someone that can open your eyes. It’s great having someone that is watching you and helping you.”

Once we did start working together what was the first thing that made a big difference?

“Those first steps. Nailing your core as well as your niche nailed down, and sticking with it. One of the first things I learned from you is that we are not in the cleaning business, we are in the people business.”

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What are your core Values?

“Be real, Be friendly, Help out, Make money”

How is your business different now versus how it was before?

“We used to do things like working first and then charging later, and we’ve done a reworking of our systems and what we’ve got in place is so freaking nice. It’s beautiful the way that you’ve opened our eyes.”

What was the biggest shock or surprise that can give value to cleaning nation?

“One of the biggest surprises was how long it took to transfer from sending out invoices to getting people’s credit cards. That was a huge shock.”

“Another shock we had before we started your module was when we went out and gave a bid, and it went terribly. It’s so obvious looking back [what we did wrong] but it was definitely a big shock at the time what we were doing wrong.”

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