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Episode 505

Case Study: Dylan & Daisy Ewing: Episode 505: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 505 – Dylan & Daisy Freed Their Time and Transformed Their Cleaning Business!

Today we have two very special guests on – Dylan and Daisy Ewing! Dylan and Daisy are graduates of the Clean Profit Elite Program as well as part of the Millionaire Mastermind. Today we’re exploring how putting systems and processes in place, as well as changes in their mindsets, has freed up their time and transformed their business.

When and why they started their cleaning business:

Dylan and Daisy met each other in Las Vegas. On a trip to visit family on the East Coast in 2012, they witnessed some people cleaning and they decided to have a go at starting their own cleaning company. They are now residing in Delaware and running their company from there.

Meeting Mike and GMCC:

A little over a year ago, they were on a trip to Florida, and needed something to listen to in the car on the 15 hour trip. That’s when they stumbled across Mike’s Grow My Cleaning Company podcast on YouTube. At the time, they felt stuck in their business and super stressed. On the way back from the trip, Dylan thought, “We’ve got to get with this guy somehow to HELP us!” Dylan set up a call with Mike immediately on their return.

In the beginning with Mike and GMCC:

When they found Mike, Dylan and Daisy were doing all types of jobs – residential, commercial, janitorial – you name it. If someone had money to pay them, they just took it. Daisy would wake up at 2 am sick to her stomach over all the stress. Mike remembers them doing EVERYTHING too and their revenue whiplashing all over the place from month to month. They would have 2-4 employees during the slow time and then suddenly have up to 30 employees when tons of work came in. They both still had to go out and clean from time to time. It was a whirlwind of emotions when they started with GMCC to say the least.

Huge scary pivot points they had to work through:

For Daisy, when Mike taught and coached them to keep hiring and hiring despite not having a ton of clients, she was skeptical. However, because her and Dylan have such a coachable attitude (SO important!) they went for it and put faith in the employee attraction system. Having the constant supply of employees started to give them some relief. The second thing they were scared to do, especially for Dylan, was to get rid of “junk accounts.” They thought these accounts were making them money, but in reality, these non-niche accounts were causing them MOST of their stress. Saying goodbye to these accounts was very hard mentally, since that was about $150k out of their revenue – over a 30% loss for them.

Using their mindset shifts to overcome fear and the results:

This year, not only did they make back that lost revenue with their niche customers at 20% profit, but they were ALSO able to exceed their growth from last year! As SOON as they switched their MINDSET – that’s where things really took off! For Daisy, the big mindset shift for her came when they established who they are. Daisy was especially stuck in the mindset of thinking of herself as a “cleaner” (even though she wasn’t actively cleaning at the time) versus a business OWNER and ENTREPRENEUR. Once she had the owner mindset, things on the outside also started to shift. Dylan’s big mindset shift was realizing he didn’t have to take on everything at once. He actually found an old message he sent to Mike a year ago saying he was way out of his league. Nowadays, he has learned not to take on so many mundane tasks and “busy work”. He no longer overwhelms himself.

Tactical and physical changes they made that had a huge impact:

For Daisy, it was delegating the work for others! For Dylan, implementing automated systems made a HUGE impact immediately. The combination of the mindset shifts and the tactical changes in systems have freed up a ton of time for Daisy and Dylan. Even in their coaching calls now, they still sometimes wonder “what do we do with all our spare time now?” Daisy is no longer waking up sick at 2am and Dylan is no longer hustling on pointless tasks all day. Not only has their business transformed for the better, but so have their LIVES.

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