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Episode 1015

Can Owners Succeed Without the Scrubbing? (and more of YOUR questions answered!): Episode 1015


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EP 1015
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Episode 1015 – Can Owners Succeed Without the Scrubbing? (and more of YOUR questions answered!)


Mike Campion and Lindsay Bjorklund are back for another Facebook Live Session. They open the podcast by inviting the Cleaning Nation community to participate in their live discussions and submit questions for consideration. They stress the importance of clear communication and collaborative problem-solving in the cleaning industry.

Overcoming Work Ethic Concerns as a Business Owner

Esttella, a cleaning business owner, shares her concerns about the traditional belief that business owners must work tirelessly to succeed. Mike advises on reframing this perspective. He emphasizea the need for hard work in growing a business but clarifies that it shouldn’t involve physical labor by the owner. Mike shares insights into the seasons of business growth and the importance of balancing work and personal life.

Securing Fair-Paying Commercial Accounts

Ana seeks guidance on acquiring commercial accounts that offer fair prices in the face of competition from lower-priced cleaning companies. Mike discusses the importance of understanding the client’s needs and standards. He recommends engaging in conversations with potential clients to align services with their expectations. By demonstrating a commitment to meeting these standards, business owners can secure valuable commercial accounts.

Handling Employee Conflicts and Core Values

Jessica inquires about effectively managing conflicts between employees and the core values of growing cleaning companies. Mike shares his core values: “Have fun, make money, be real, and help out.” He highlights the significance of addressing employee conflicts while aligning with the company’s core values. By bringing employees together for discussions and resolution, conflicts can often be resolved more effectively.

Practical Insights for Cleaning Business Owners

Throughout the podcast, Mike and Lindsay provide practical advice and insights to assist cleaning business owners in navigating industry challenges. They emphasize the importance of understanding client needs, maintaining work-life balance, and aligning actions with core values for successful business growth.
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