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Episode 147

Calculating Your Cleaner Wages: Episode 147: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 147 – Calculating Your Cleaner Wages

Frustrated with Figuring out Your Cleaner Wages?
Giving raises every week because you aren’t sure your cleaner wages are “fair”?
Episode 147 Tywana Jones Brighter Day Cleaning Service
Today Mike coaches Tywana Jones from Brighter Day Cleaning Service on how to calculate her cleaner wages without breaking the bank.

Have you found yourself asking what’s too much or too little per hour? What is the “other guy” paying his people? My cleaners have been here for 3.26 seconds and are demanding a raise, but I need employees to keep my accounts what do I do?

Never fear! There’s a relatively easy way to find out what’s a fair wage. Not only that, it also gives you a great way to explain it to your current and prospective employees.

RESOURCE ALERT: allows you to look up how much cleaners make hourly in your zip code.
When an independent 3rd party agency provides the numbers, you no longer have to be the “bad guy”dictating cleaner wages!

Pay your cleaners between 5-15% above the “average” wage. Not only will your employees will appreciate it, but t you can expect above average work.

But what about raises?
It’s hard to find good cleaners. So when you have good people, you may tend to give raises over and over again to keep them. The problem is you can find yourself with good long term employees getting paid far above what they should be.

When you gives raises simply because you like them as a person or just for showing up every day it is hard on you, hard on the business and hard to scale. Does this sound familiar…

“Maria’s been here 2 months, she’s on time and works hard, her kid just got sick and she doesn’t have insurance…she’s at $10, and I feel bad for her so I’m going to raise her to $11”

The problem is, Susie has been with you 10 months and you didn’t give her any raise, and some other guys may have only gotten $.25 an hour…

RESOURCE ALERT: You care about your people, of course you want to help them but that’s where you can get in trouble. Learn how to set up healthy boundaries in this episode on Dealing With Cleaning Staff.

Inevitably, your employees start to talk and get upset that their pay wasn’t raised as high and they’ve been there longer and so on. They start getting resentful.

You risk losing your good employees and bad employees will start poisoning the rest of your employees.

The way you would keep those cleaner wages from constantly creeping up and no one feeling like they aren’t being treated fairly is to hold quarterly reviews.

You should discuss things like:

Unexcused absences
Customer feedback- both positive and negative
How long it takes them to clean
How well are they living your Core Values
RESOURCE ALERT: Help getting reviews and customer feedback? Check out this video podcast SoTellUs.

Learn more about Managing Cleaning Employees with your core values.
The answers to the things above combined with your 3rd party wage report will help you decide on a raise (or not) that is fair to the employee and good for the company.

When you use an organized, systematic review system, you take out you and your feelings as the decision maker and replace it with a fair system that everyone understands and expects.

Putting these few things in place, can save you a ton of time and energy.

No longer will you have an employee knocking on your door asking for a raise every other week.

Your employees can no longer try to guilt you into giving them raises because of what’s going on in their personal lives.

No more wondering what the other guys are paying their people, it’s irrelevant!

Put an end to good employees holding you hostage with wages higher than you’re making!

You can do it!

Finally, Tywanna shares the love in…

Lightning Round:

Best advice you’ve received either personally or professionally?

Treat people fair

Biggest mistake you’ve made?

Don’t take on more than you can handle

One idea people can do to improve their lives?

Have determination, get out there and do it!
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