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Episode 922

Build a Strong Relationship with Your Virtual Assistant: Episode 922


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ep 922
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Episode 922 – Build a Strong Relationship with Your Virtual Assistant

Lindsay from GMCC talks about virtual assistants (VAs) and how to communicate with them effectively. She starts by defining a virtual assistant as someone who is hired to perform any task remotely, from administrative work to customer service. Lindsay advises cleaning business owners to make communication with their VAs as easy as possible by giving them the tools they need, such as Slack or other instant messaging services designed for businesses. By doing so, employers can create different channels for different topics and conversations, allowing them to easily find information.

Another tip discussed is to create a system that outlines the virtual assistant’s responsibilities and expectations, drawing a clear line between what the VA is responsible for and what the business owner is responsible for. She suggests creating a standard operating procedure (SOP) that outlines everything the VA needs to know about how the business operates. This includes details about the business, such as how it works and what to do in certain situations. Lindsay recommends creating this SOP together with the VA to ensure that both parties are on the same page.

The final tip Lindsay gives is to develop a good working relationship with your virtual assistant. She suggests being clear about the VA’s role in the company and providing feedback on their work. Lindsay also recommends being flexible with the VA’s schedule and work style to ensure that they can work efficiently. She shares some insights from her VA (Apple) who suggests that regular communication, clear expectations, and recognition of good work are essential for maintaining a good relationship between the VA and the employer.

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