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Episode 1024

Breaking Through Competition, Tough Pricing Adjustments and More of Your Questions Answered Live!: Episode 1024


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Episode 1024 – Breaking Through Competition, Tough Pricing Adjustments and More of Your Questions Answered Live!


Running a cleaning company comes with its unique set of challenges. In a recent Facebook Live hosted by Mike Campion, main coach of Grow My Cleaning Company, various questions from cleaning business owners were addressed. Let’s delve into the valuable insights provided by Mike Campion in response to these questions.

Breaking into a Competitive Market:

Ruth’s question about breaking into a market with existing competition sparked a discussion on strategy. The advice was to target dissatisfied clients instead of trying to sway content ones. Identifying pain points and offering effective solutions can help you build your client base.

Price Adjustments During Hard Times:

Melissa raised concerns about raising prices for clients facing hardships. The emphasis was on compassion but also the sustainability of the business. The consensus was that price adjustments are reasonable to ensure your business thrives.

Managing Core Values-Based Conversations:

Estella’s query about managing core values-based conversations centered on the importance of clear values within your company. The suggestion was to reinforce these values during discussions, align them with employees’ personal values, and create a stronger company culture.

Solo Cleaners vs. Teams:

For Heidi, who was debating between solo cleaners and teams, the pros and cons of both approaches were discussed. Solo cleaners offer scheduling efficiency, while teams provide added security, accountability, and reduced turnover. The choice ultimately depends on your preferences and business structure.


Running a cleaning company involves dealing with various challenges, and it’s crucial to address them effectively. Mike Campion provides valuable insights into handling competition, price increases, core values-based conversations, and choosing between solo or team cleaning. These insights can help you navigate the unique challenges of the cleaning industry and build a successful business.
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