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Episode 141

Breaking into the Commercial Cleaning Market: Episode 141: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 141 – Breaking into the Commercial Cleaning Market

Are You Getting Started in the Commercial Cleaning Market?
Episode 141: Josiah Quansah and Duke Jones Executive Maids
In today’s podcast/ blog post, Mike explains how to get started in the commercial cleaning market for Josiah and Duke. Josiah and Duke are co-owners of Executive Maids in Atlanta Georgia. They want to know how to make themselves more attractive to commercial cleaning customers and Mike delivers.

Mike immediately breaks into a story of cleaning companies past. When he purchased his Service Master commercial cleaning franchise. How he felt he had to overcome his youth, lack of education and baby face to break into the commercial cleaning market.

What he found was…

Customers DON’T care about YOU- they care about THEM and what you can do for them!
Mike explains how branding affects positioning yourself to in the commercial cleaning market. It’s not about presenting yourself as a large professional company. It’s not about trying to manipulate them with messaging. It IS about really understanding your customer. Knowing what is important to them, what they’re passionate about. What keeps them up at night and what makes them crazy.

Stop worrying about what “face” you need to put on to attract commercial cleaning customers. Start focusing on what their needs and pains are. How can you make their life better?

What’s in a Name…
Trying to break into the commercial cleaning market? Choose a name that communicates that they are in the right place with you. So many owners of cleaning companies focus on being cute or catchy. Often, it’s just their name or initials which mean nothing to your prospective customer.

Josiah and Duke share a great story about how they chose the name for their company- Executive Maids. But the story is all about them. It doesn’t communicate to their customers that Executive Maids understands their pain and how to solve it. The corporate cleaning market doesn’t hire maids or maid services. They hire janitors of commercial cleaning companies.

DON’T try and serve both the commercial cleaning market as well as residential. Pick one and be awesome at it!

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The way you present a cleaning service to a residential client is very different than the way you will present to a commercial account. Niche down and specialize in a specific market within commercial or residential. The more specific you are about WHO your customer is, the better you will understand WHAT their pain is and HOW to solve it. Then and only then will you be able to tailor a message that is compelling to your ideal customer. This is true in either the commercial or residential cleaning market!

Mike can’t cover EVERYTHING in EVERY podcast. But after over 100 of these bad boy’s he covers just about everything. If you want more specifics on figuring out what your customer wants CLICK HERE for a free video podcast and blog post.

Sum it up Mike!
First: Figure out who you are serving. CLICK HERE for a podcast that will help you do this

Second: Figure out what’s important to them, what they feel guilty about , what keeps them up at night

Third: Be able to communicate that pain better than they can.

Listen in on the podcast if you want to hear Mike role play what a sales conversation sounds like when you KNOW your niche and how to communicate their pain and when you DON’T. The difference is night and day and it’s awesome!

Just when you think you have gotten all the commercial cleaning market love you can get, Mike and the guys hit the…

Lightning Round:

Best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?

Josiah- Always seek guidance from people who have been there before and are where you want to be Duke- Don’t try to reinvent the wheel just try to improve it

Biggest mistake you’ve made in the cleaning business?

Josiah – Hiring the wrong person do a job. Be careful who you bring aboard Duke – Not identifying exactly who the end customer is

One practice Cleaning Nation can implement today?

Josiah – If you don’t know technology and social media – learn it Duke – Follow up is key Now that you have listened to the podcast, read an amazing post, checked out a FREE WEBINAR on communicating to your niche, the only thing for you to do is…
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