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Episode 987

Boosting Profitability and Time Freedom: Mike Castro’s Story: Episode 987


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Episode 987 – Boosting Profitability and Time Freedom: Mike Castro’s Story


In this episode, Mike Campion and Mike Castro discussed the challenges and triumphs of running a cleaning business. Castro, the owner of All Building Cleaning Corp in South Florida, shared his story of being stuck in a rut for several years before seeking help and implementing changes. This blog post will summarize the key points from their conversation and highlight the importance of making decisive decisions, delegating tasks, and embracing a mindset shift for business growth and success.

Working Hard but Stuck:

Castro revealed that he had been working 50-60 hours a week without a clear focus on specific tasks. He found himself involved in every aspect of the business, from invoicing to scheduling, leaving him exhausted and overwhelmed. Despite making decent profits, Castro realized that he needed to make changes to break free from the cycle of long hours and limited growth.

The Power of Seeking Help:

After listening to Mike Campion’s podcast and consuming his content, Castro realized that he needed guidance and support to overcome his challenges. He regretted not reaching out for help earlier and acknowledged the value of coaching and implementing new strategies. Castro emphasized the importance of recognizing when something needs to change and taking action sooner rather than later.

Shifting Mindset and Embracing Change:

Both Campion and Castro stressed the significance of adopting a decisive mindset and being open to change. Fear of change can often hinder progress and keep business owners stuck in unproductive routines. Castro encouraged fellow cleaning business owners to be bold in their decision-making and to understand that change is necessary for growth.

Delegating Tasks and Working on the Business:

Castro acknowledged that delegation was key to freeing up time and focusing on high-level tasks that would propel his business forward. He encouraged business owners to let go of low-value tasks and hire help where needed. By delegating cleaning, invoicing, and other administrative tasks, business owners can shift their attention to strategic planning and business development.

The Importance of Cash Flow and Profitability:

Castro shared his realization about the significance of cash flow and profitability. He discovered that even though he was making good profits overall, analyzing his accounts revealed that some clients were not generating enough revenue to cover expenses. This understanding prompted him to make adjustments, including price increases, using tracking sheets, and utilizing pricing cheat sheets to ensure better profitability.

The Power of Mindset Coaching:

Castro initially questioned the relevance of mindset coaching to his cleaning business. However, he soon realized the transformative impact of mindset shifts on personal and business growth. Changing his mindset allowed him to break free from limiting beliefs and embrace new strategies for success.

Final Words of Encouragement:

Castro’s final advice to cleaning business owners who feel stuck is to be decisive and make a change. Whether it’s delegating tasks, increasing prices, or seeking coaching, taking action is crucial. He emphasized the importance of fixing oneself as a business owner before addressing the business itself. Castro’s story serves as a reminder that success is attainable by challenging old mindsets and implementing new strategies.


Mike Castro’s journey from being stuck in a cycle of long hours and limited growth to embracing change and experiencing newfound success provides inspiration to cleaning business owners. By making decisive decisions, delegating tasks, and shifting mindsets, it’s possible to break free from the constraints of an unfulfilling business and create a thriving and profitable enterprise. Remember, change may be scary, but it is necessary for progress and achieving the vision you had when you started your business.
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