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Episode 981

BONUS: Achieving a $10,000/Month Profit with Only 10 Hours of Work per Week: Overcoming Mindset Challenges: Episode 981


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Episode 981 – BONUS: Achieving a $10,000/Month Profit with Only 10 Hours of Work per Week: Overcoming Mindset Challenges


Mike Campion and Jenell Newell dive into the mindset challenges that cleaning business owners face when striving to achieve a lifestyle of $10,000 a month in profit while working only 10 hours a week. As experienced coaches at Grow My Cleaning Company, Mike and Jenell have helped numerous entrepreneurs create successful businesses and work towards their desired lifestyle. In this episode, they address the fears and beliefs that often hinder business owners from embracing this ideal work-life balance.

The Employee vs. CEO Mindset:

Mike and Jenell begin by discussing the deep-rooted belief in our culture that equates hard work with success. They emphasize the need for business owners to shift from an employee mentality to a CEO mindset. Rather than being consumed by doing the actual cleaning work, entrepreneurs should focus on managing and scaling their businesses. They emphasize that being a CEO means delegating tasks, hiring and training employees, and creating systems that allow for a more hands-off approach.

Challenging Limiting Beliefs:

One of the biggest obstacles to achieving a 10-hour workweek with a six-figure profit is overcoming the fear and disbelief associated with this lifestyle shift. Many entrepreneurs struggle with the notion that working less can lead to greater financial success. They worry about their identity and purpose if they no longer have to engage in the daily cleaning tasks. Mike and Jenell stress the importance of identifying and challenging these limiting beliefs in order to embrace a new way of doing business.

Quality Work vs. Quantity of Hours:

In this segment, Mike and Jenell discuss the misconception that working long hours is the only path to financial success. They explain that while some initial hard work is necessary to set up systems and processes, the key is to focus on doing more of the right things rather than just doing more. Quality work that generates high value is far more significant than simply increasing the quantity of hours worked. By prioritizing high-impact tasks, business owners can build profitable systems that generate income even when they are not directly involved in day-to-day operations.

Addressing Money Mindset:

Another significant mindset challenge is the belief that money is inherently evil or that wealthy individuals are somehow morally flawed. Mike and Jenell dispel this notion by highlighting that making $100,000 a year in profit as a small business owner does not equate to extreme wealth. They encourage business owners to detach their money mindset from societal perceptions and instead focus on creating financial stability and a comfortable middle-class lifestyle.


In this insightful podcast episode, Mike Campion and Jenell Newell emphasize the importance of overcoming mindset challenges when striving for a lifestyle of $10,000 a month in profit while working only 10 hours a week. They encourage business owners to shift from an employee mindset to a CEO mindset, challenge limiting beliefs, prioritize quality work over quantity of hours, and reframe their perceptions about money. By addressing these mindset barriers, entrepreneurs can unlock their true potential and create a successful and balanced cleaning business. To learn more about achieving this lifestyle, visit the Grow My Cleaning Company website at×10.
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