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Episode 822

Big Takeaways from the Clean Profit Method Event: Episode 822


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Episode 822 – Big Takeaways from the Clean Profit Method Event: Episode 822

Hi Clean Nation! Welcome to the podcast. Today, we have Mike chatting with Jackson about our event we had last week and what the big takeaways were from that. Listen in as they discuss the painpoints that clients brought to us, how we were able to dive into those, and how we all came away from the event better prepared to serve our respective clients in the way we want to while continuing to grow and expand in all the ways we want to.

Autonomy Allows Everyone to Win

On the first day of the event, there was a lot of chatter about work/life balance and how it’s easy to lose your identity in your business when it’s big and successful. And people started to talk about the fear that is there when it comes to fully stepping away and letting your team really fulfill their roles without you holding their hand. And people started to realize that their employees don’t care as much about them being there as they might think. They just want to have a clear understanding of their role so that they can perform it well. Once they have that, it is much less important if you, the owner, are there or what you are doing

Getting Clear on the Real Issues in Your Business

For the next two days, the overall theme was people responding to issues within their business with emotion rather than data. When we do that, it can seem catastrophic or really hard or emotional when what you really need to be doing is getting very clear on exactly what the issue is in neutral, straightforward terms. Often, these issues can get blown out of proportion if you aren’t clear on your numbers or things are fully broken down. Taking it back to brass tacks allows you to see it with more clarity and see the severity of the issue from a neutral place.

Be Honest About the Data

To take that to the next level and be as effective as possible, you have to be HONEST about the data that’s coming in. For example, if you get four good leads and take that to mean your funnel is working, but don’t take the time to see how many leads you had that didn’t go anywhere, your data is going to be either corrupt or inflated. For those four good leads, you may have had 11 bad leads. Without taking that part into consideration, you won’t be able to tweak your ads to perform better and are going to lose time and money. When you are honest about the data, you can get clear on what needs to change.

Final Takeaway: Neutralize problems and be honest about what the real issues are so you can get to the root of the problem and fix is the most effective way possible. 

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