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Episode 044

Bidding for Janitorial Services : Episode 044: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 044 – Bidding for Janitorial Services

Bidding for Janitorial Services
Bidding for janitorial services done right can help take your cleaning business to the next level- mess it up and you are in for heartache my friend.
Our fearless host Mike Campion tackles this very topic with today’s guest Lamar Saunders with AAA Starr Cleaning Service
Listen in and discover what you can do to give you and your company a seemingly unfair advantage over the competition when creating bids.
So few owners of cleaning companies realize how important the call to set the job walk is when bidding for janitorial services. Mike explains how crucial Ground Rules are- how to set them and EXACTLY what you need to agree on before you go on a bid.
This ONE strategy can skyrocket your closing percentage and save you a tremendous amount of time by going on LESS bids.
ROOKIE MOVE: Vomit every bit of information even loosely related to the cleaning business that you have ever heard to prospects on the phone
This episode will teach you exactly what information to get and how to get it without getting all “salesy”.
Just when you think to yourself “Self- this is WAY too valuable information for me to get for FREE!!” the action keeps comin in fast!
Mike moves on to the crucial concept of PAIN- why you will love it, how to discover it in your prospect and how there is never a sale without it!
HINT: People’s don’t care about you- they care about how you can make their life better
Once you get the concepts in this podcast down, you will start to find that you know you are going to get the bid before you even turn in your proposal- it’s all over but the cryin (and check cashin…)
As owners of cleaning companies, you know that high prices can kill the deal, but Lamar brings up an all too common situation where low prices can actually COST you the business.
All this to say, this might be the most valuable 20 minutes of your week- so don’t miss it!
Finally, Mike invites Lamar to the Lightening Round and we discover…
The owner is the one that puts his reputation on the line
Doing the wrong things can cost you YEARS
Implement lead magnets into your business
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