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Episode 1095

Beyond the Bid: Why Winning Jobs Isn't the Only Path to Scaling Success: Episode 1095


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In this episode taken from a weekly Facebook Live broadcast, MIke Campion and Lindsay Bjorklund dive into listeners’ burning questions about scaling their cleaning business.

Question 1: Pricing Strategies for Gym Facility Deep Cleans

The discussion kicks off with a pertinent inquiry from Troy regarding pricing strategies for weekly deep cleans at gym facilities. Before delving into the specifics, it’s crucial to address a common pitfall many entrepreneurs encounter—hyper-focusing on individual jobs rather than addressing broader business challenges. Scaling isn’t just about landing one big contract; it’s about establishing a steady stream of leads and understanding your clients’ pain points.

Troy’s question underscores the importance of not fixating solely on perfecting pricing models. While pricing is essential, placing excessive emphasis on it can detract from the bigger picture. Instead, it’s about comprehensively understanding your costs, doubling them to ensure profitability, and focusing on delivering value to clients by addressing their needs effectively.

Question 2: Overcoming Gatekeepers in Apartment Cleaning Niche

Moving on, Mike tackles Pierre’s dilemma of breaking through the gatekeepers in the apartment cleaning niche. This challenge highlights a common obstacle faced by many service-based businesses. However, it’s crucial to recognize that the quality of the question often outweighs the quality of the answer.

Instead of solely focusing on tactics to bypass gatekeepers, it’s essential to address fundamental business hurdles such as lead generation. Understanding your target market, setting clear goals, and implementing a diversified marketing strategy are key steps in overcoming such obstacles. Additionally, adopting a personalized approach, avoiding conventional sales tactics, and building rapport with gatekeepers can significantly improve your chances of success.

Role-Play and Pattern Interrupt:

To illustrate effective communication strategies, Mike and Lindsay engage in a role-play scenario, demonstrating how to interact with gatekeepers authentically. By employing pattern interrupts, injecting humor, and fostering genuine connections, entrepreneurs can navigate past gatekeepers more effectively.


In conclusion, while addressing specific challenges like pricing and gatekeeper interactions are essential, they’re just pieces of the larger puzzle of scaling your cleaning business. By asking the right questions, understanding core business needs, and adopting effective communication strategies, entrepreneurs can overcome obstacles and achieve sustainable growth.
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