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Episode 455

Behind the Scenes Hiring Guide: Episode 455: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 455 – Behind the Scenes Hiring Guide

Today is a special ‘Behind the Scenes’ episode with Shawn Bandick, Grow My Cleaning Company’’s newest coach! He is here to talk about GMCC’s hiring process from both sides of the table. Shawn has spent his professional life thus far being an entrepreneur, having traveled and built businesses all over the country. With a background in team building and coaching, Shawn is a strong believer in education. The goal of today’s episode is to showcase how important your hiring system is, and more importantly, how much value hiring based on core values can bring to your company.

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A majority of people Mike has spoken to over the years believe that the only way to get quality employees is to offer higher wages. However, in reality being a strong core value match is much more important. The idea that the only thing your employees care about is money will severely hinder your chance at growth. For instance, Shawn found Cleaning Nation while looking for something that he could be a part of that involved helping people. When he did come across Mike, it wasn’t the money that made him feel like he would fit in so well, but rather the community. Most people’s priorities would put things like ‘Being Respected’ and ‘Being a Good Fit’ above the pay. The reason Shawn is such a good fit for Mike and GMCC is because he is a great core value match.

One thing that many business owners don’t realize is that interviews go both ways. This may not be as common for lower level employees but it is important to take into account if you’re looking for a long time employee. Once Shawn started to get a feel for who Mike was as a person, as well as what the company was about, it became clear to him that he would be a great fit. While Mike could have just gone with whoever was the most convenient to hire, he knew that holding out for the best core value match would be the better choice. Mike’s core values are: Have fun, Help out, Be real, and Make Money. If you’ve ever interacted with Mike you will know that he lives by these core values every day!  This naturally helps repel people who may not be a great fit, while simultaneously attracting employees that are a better fit.

When you look at GMCC, you’ll notice that it seems more like a strong community than a business, and that’s by design. Mike’s core values shine through every crevice of the company, and Mike isn’t afraid to be who he is. While most people put on a serious persona while working, Mike is laid back and personable. While some may look at Mike’s lack of professionalism as off-putting (which doesn’t really matter since those aren’t the customers and employees you should be looking for), it really makes this company extra-special for those that enjoy and value his transparency.

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If you would like to watch the live source video that dives into these topics even deeper, click this link, and If you enjoyed this special ‘Behind the Scenes’ episode and would like to watch a complementary master class, head over to this link and find the most suitable time for you!

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