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Episode 830

Be the Boss of Your Brain- How to Stop Procrastinating: Episode 830


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Episode 830 – Be the Boss of Your Brain- How to Stop Procrastinating: Episode 830

Hi Cleaning Nation! Welcome to today’s podcast. Today, we have Tracey Thompson chatting with Lindsay Bjorklund talking about a workshop Tracey hosted recently for some of our members. They talked about how to blast through procrastination and how so much of the tactics we use don’t usually work and why. Listen in to learn how to get the things done that need to be done in a timely matter and in an effective way.

What Not to Do

When it comes to motivating ourselves to do things we don’t want to do, it can be tempting to do easy things first thinking it will get us in the mood to do hard things. Or maybe we’ll get ourselves amped up with a little treat or something that sounds fun with the hopes of getting forward momentum. But the truth is that if we do something easy or fun, we are actually less likely to want to do the hard things after. Our brain has just gotten that hit of dopamine, now it wants more!

Moving the Peanut

Instead of telling ourselves we have SO much to do, we need to start by moving the peanut. Our brains tend to be confused when we get overwhelmed by something in front of us. It feels easier to just say we don’t know what to do, but we will never move forward with that thinking. Instead, we have to sit down and write down step by step what needs to get done so that we know where to start instead of stay stuck and spinning telling ourselves we don’t know what to do. The easier the steps, the better, and the more likely it is that we will actually do something.

Take Realistic Steps

When it comes to moving the peanut and getting some forward momentum, you have to break the steps down into things you are realistically going to do. Break the steps down into as small bites as you can. If you are still in cleaning and want to get out, step one is to take 20 minutes and write a core value-based ad for new employees, not “get out of cleaning’. That isn’t a goal and you aren’t ever going to make any progress until you break it down into things that feel very easy to do. And remember along this process- Progress over perfection. 

Final Takeaway: Break down your goal into steps, make the steps realistic, and progress over perfection. 

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