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Episode 778

Be Brave, Make Decisions, and Do Scary Things: Episode 778


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Episode 778 – Be Brave, Make Decisions, and Do Scary Things

Hi Cleaning Nation! Today on the podcast, we have Brandy Gray chatting with Mike. Brandy started Cleaning By Brandy in Caledonia, Mississippi in January 2015. She wants Mike to coach her today on the paradox between getting out of cleaning, having enough work to hire other employers, and having enough employers to get more work. It’s a tricky balance lots of cleaning companies deal with, and we’re going to get into it today!

What Needed to Change

For Brandy, the first 5-6 years of cleaning, she just did it all herself. She was the one who got the clients and did all the cleaning. About a year ago, she decided she was ready to do things differently. Partly because of her health, partly because of burnout, she decided she was done doing the manual labor and wanted to start hiring people to do the cleaning instead. That was great until she went to hire. It was harder than she thought to hire the right people who wanted to stay and who were good workers.

You’re Not For Everyone and That’s Ok

The next thing Brandy has been struggling with is feeling like she’s not easy to work for, and fears around hiring people who won’t “do it right” Telling the truth in these situations is one of the most powerful things you can do. Rather than pretending that you are this big, professional cleaning business that you just aren’t, you can be honest and say things like, ‘hey, I’ve never hired anyone before. I’m worried I might lose my temper or that I might not train you the best way possible and that you’ll want to leave. But I’m going to try my best and hope you’ll give me a chance. It’s hard not to respect someone who gives it to you straight like that!

If You Want Different Results, Push Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone

The last encouragement that Mike gives Brandy, is to make a line in the sand decision and to push herself to do scary things. It is so easy to spin in the fear of what-ifs. What if I lose clients because they don’t like the people I hire. What if I can’t find enough work for my employees. What if I can’t find enough employees for my work? What if I’m a bad boss? But if you want wildly different results, make widely different decisions. Only then can things start to change for you.

Final Takeaway: Be brave, make the decision, push yourself to do scary things. That is where growth lies.

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