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Episode 1050

Avoid These 2 Critical Marketing Mistakes in Your Cleaning Company!: Episode 1050


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Episode 1050 – Avoid These 2 Critical Marketing Mistakes in Your Cleaning Company!


In the realm of cleaning company discussions, the host, Mike Campion, and his co-host Jackson Pinkoski, bring forth valuable insights. For this episode, the duo delves into marketing strategies. It’s December 2023, and the focus is on two pivotal mistakes that could hinder success in marketing for cleaning companies. By the end of this podcast, listeners will gain knowledge to sidestep these pitfalls and elevate their marketing endeavors.

The "I-You Count" Technique

Within the sphere of marketing, a technique referred to as the “I-You Count” takes center stage. Inspired by insights from speaking coach Joel Weldon, the hosts emphasize the importance of scrutinizing marketing materials. Whether it’s a website, business card, email, or any form of advertising, the emphasis is on counting self-references versus client-centric language. Shifting the narrative to focus on the audience’s needs, desires, and pain points is the key to enhanced engagement.

Putting the Customer in the Spotlight

In emphasizing a critical point, Jackson Pinkoski stresses that the audience is generally uninterested in a company’s history or founder’s story. The hero in this narrative is the customer, navigating their journey. The hosts advocate for crafting messaging centered around the customer’s pain points, desires, and the solutions offered. Drawing parallels to Star Wars, the analogy is clear – the customer is Luke Skywalker, and the hosts are the guiding Yoda, steering them toward a better solution.

Crafting a Clear Call to Action

With engagement secured, the hosts underline the necessity of a clear call to action. Jackson Pinkoski emphasizes the importance of avoiding common pitfalls such as vague instructions or overwhelming the audience with multiple calls to action. The audience is likened to someone sluggish and unmotivated – hence, the need for straightforward instructions. Making it easy for them to take the next step is crucial.

The Power of Storytelling Over Aesthetics

In the marketing arena, aesthetics often take precedence. However, Mike and Jackson argue in favor of an alternative approach. They advocate for creating “ugly ads” that prioritize storytelling over flashy visuals. The focus is on conveying a clear and compelling message rather than relying on visually appealing content. In a world saturated with visually dazzling material, a simple, word-centric approach can stand out and resonate with the audience.


As the podcast concludes, listeners are encouraged to recognize that effective marketing need not rely on a substantial budget or flashy visuals. By prioritizing the customer, addressing their pain points, and providing a clear call to action, cleaning entrepreneurs can transform their marketing strategy.
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