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Episode 283

Automating Your Bookings with Cleaning Business Software : Episode 283: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 283 – Automating Your Bookings with Cleaning Business Software

Want to know how the founder of Launch 27 took his cleaning company from $0 to $30,000/mo in just 5 months? Better yet, want to know how the Clean Profit Method and Launch 27 can help you do it too? Read on dear friends!

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It was the tail end of the real estate bubble disaster and Rohan Gilkes found himself laid off from his accounting job. Unemployed, but with the desire to keep a roof over his head, Rohan set out to figure out how to make money online…without any of that pesky start up capitol. One day, Rohan’s house cleaner asked him to build her a website. He told her that he could build it, but in all likelihood, it would just sit there because she didn’t have the time or know-how to market it effectively. So they struck a deal. Rohan would build the site, she would do the cleanings and he would manage all the marketing. Thus, Maids in Black was born, but how do you get a brand new cleaning company exposure without thousands of dollars to spend on advertising? Rohan’s launch plan was simple and genius. In fact, Rohan was just hoping to make an extra $2,000/mo to help pay the bills, but within 5 months he was making $30,000/month! So what did he do!? Rohan reached out to 100 local bloggers, people who blogged on life, food and leisure in DC. Rohan said he was doing a survey on local bloggers. He wanted to know what kind of money they made, what their “real” jobs were, who they really were. In short, he wanted them to talk about their favorite topic…THEM! Then once he had 100 responses, he published the results. Naturally all of those bloggers would want to link to that blog since they were contributors to the results. Now he had a fairly interesting blog with 100 links from bloggers who had thousands of readers, links and SEO power. All he had to do was now include a link to his brand new website for Maids in Black. But that’s not all! He decided to supercharge his “link juice” and traffic by offering a Christmas giveaway! That Christmas giveaway was retweeted over 1000 times and Maids in Black was off to a tremendous start!

KEY POINT: Rohan’s launch wasn’t a “technical move” it was a relationship building campaign. Instead of trying to get 10,000 strangers to know, like and trust him, he found 100 people who ALREADY had connections to 10,000 people who knew, like and trusted them and built a relationship with those people to help you promote his new business!

Now that Rohan was making $30,000/mo he was having a hard time organizing all the components of his cleaning company. He was stuck between google calendar, google email, Zoho project management and a CRM…


He realized in order to get to the next level, he needed to build software that allowed him to manage all of his craziness. Even more importantly, allow customers to pay for and book service themselves. Which at the time was very rare. He needed it to work 24/7, so while he was working on his business, spending time with his family or sleeping, the cleaning business software would be working in the background taking payments and setting up appointments.

MIKE’S ADVICE: There’s a huge advantage to face to face selling, but that doesn’t mean that’s the only way. If you look at Grow My Cleaning Company and Clean Profit Method, there’s no face to face sales, it’s all automated. But, the best way to sell  your services, is a hybrid of face to face and automated systems.


Rohan’s tactic was successful in part due to his genius and partly, his amazing cleaning business software. But, If you are in a smaller city, it might not be wise to rely on a completely automated system. With a smaller customer pool, you would want to be as hands-on as possible as face to face is always the most effective.

But sometimes prospects don’t want to talk to you, they like having the ability to buy and schedule with you at midnight on a Tuesday without having to deal with a salesperson. That’s where Launch 27 comes in.


To grow a business you really need to either have someone dedicated to sales, who can do face to face meetings with prospective clients, get their pain and get contracts signed, OR be able to automate that system and do it in high volume.


Rohan’s software gave him the capability to get to the next level and in It took him to the next level which jumped his revenue from $30,000/mo to 3 million annually in just 2 short years.


KEY POINT: The, best practice is to give your customers and prospects several options to communicate with you. If they prefer email, make sure you offer email, if they want chat, offer chat, if they don’t want to talk to anyone, give them a completely automated system!


Resource Alert: Automating your bookings and payments is just one part of the picture, get more in depth information on automating your marketing efforts in this episode https://oldsite.growmycleaningcompany.commarketing-for-cleaning-services/


Now that you have Rohan’s back story, let’s talk about what Launch 27 can do for you. In 1 hour or less you could have the entire backbone of your cleaning company website made up.


If you go to and click on themes you can choose from 15-20 different themes to use on your website.  You can install it just like any theme, which takes 2 minutes.

If you aren’t tech savvy, the good folks at Launch 27 can connect you with some of their trusted developers who can help you get it all set up. And for roughly $150 you could have someone else get your brand new, fully automated website up and running for you.


So what’s the total investment?? Well, it depends on what you need. If you have nothing more than a name, domain and logo, the themes available will run you about $450. If you need someone to help you get it installed and set up for you, that’s another $150 and then there’s the Launch 27 cleaning business software that ranges from $59/mo for their base service, $125/mo for pro and $299/mo for their plus services.


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Imagine getting bookings scheduled while you sleep, work or spend time with your family. With Launch 27 you can create a beautiful website in just a few hours that can making taking payments and automated online booking a reality.


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