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Episode 506

ATTRACT New Cleaning Clients: Episode 506: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 506 – ATTRACT New Cleaning Clients

Let’s face it: chasing and begging leads is never fun. The problem is that you want to grow, but you don’t know how to get enough of the RIGHT customers to come to YOU consistently so you can scale. This ONE problem is costing you all of your hopes and dreams and is keeping you from having the business you KNOW you can have! This skill is worth a lot – actually, it’s probably one of the most valuable skills you can have in business! Let’s explore this further today!

False Belief – Repeat and referral customers are the best.

If you’re happy with where your company is at, this works fine, but if you want to grow, this approach of relying on repeat and referral customers is not scalable. Putting systems into place that scale and allow you to dial up customers are the best. Repeat and referral customers are just good adjunct funnels in a system. When they’re one of many client attract systems, they’re great, however when they’re the only funnel source of clients, they’re not so great.

False Belief – Only broke people come to me and there is nothing I can do about it.

The truth of the matter is YOU are attracting the people that come to you. If you don’t like who you are attracting, change what you are doing! Everything you do, from who you hire to how you position yourself, has to do with what type of customers that show up at your door. We’re putting out bait that attracts OUR client. For example, ads where you’re offering 20% off rates on Groupon are probably going to have you attract cheap or broke clients (not to mention – cheap customers tend to leave the crappy reviews!). We have 100% control of the clients we TAKE.

False Belief – I can’t afford to advertise.

The reality is you can’t afford to WASTE money on advertising! We need to make sure that when you advertise, it’s targeted money you’re spending. We need to fix the systems and processes of ads. You need to be aware of the “who, what, where and how” of your ads.

False Belief – The cheapest advertising solutions are the BEST.

The BEST and most SCALABLE ROI (return on investment) is the best! A real win is what allows you to scale the fastest. More expensive advertising may actually allow you to scale faster. Look at advertising through the ROI lens, not the cost only lens.

False Belief – Hustle is the best way to get new customers.

Quite honestly, hustle is a good SHORT TERM way to get clients. Hustle and hard work are great until you get customers and have to focus your hustle on getting more employees to serve those new customers and then you stop focusing on the clients. Systems and processes are the best answer to solving this problem. Hustle is good but has its limits so you should not hang your whole business on hustling!

False Belief – If I just had a salesperson, I could get more customers.

Salespeople are expensive, hard to find, hard to manage, often take your clients when they leave and don’t get results when they stay. You need SYSTEMS to get more GOOD leads than you can handle and then ANYONE can turn them into customers. Salespeople are just tools for the systems to make them work even better. A good salesperson is not the complete answer.

False Belief – I have a website so customers will come to me.

Having a website is not enough. You have to have good traffic to that website, then a good call to action step-by-step funnel, asking questions, pinpointing their pain, an at end of the funnel is where they get the most value by becoming customer.

Once you have this client attraction system down, you are on your way to a multi million dollar opportunity and can write your own ticket in this business or any other! The bad news is it’s not easy and it’s still a lot of work. SYSTEMS though are there to help you with this and make it EASIER. You will have a MASSIVE competitive advantage and will be able to name your price when you sell your business!

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