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Episode 832

Asking Questions to Propel Yourself Forward Part II : Episode 832


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Episode 832 – Asking Questions to Propel Yourself Forward Part II: Episode 832

Hi Clean Nation! Today on the podcast, we have part two of the conversation with Mike and one of our amazing mindset coaches Suzanne. On the first part of this episode, they started talking about the power of asking the right questions to get you closer to getting to the root of the problem and creating the right mindset around being open and available to answer those difficult questions. Today, we dive into some examples of questions you can ask yourself regularly ever when things are going well to start to train your brain towards curiosity and connection and confidence with yourself. This, of course, will translate into curiosity, connection and confidence in your business and all that you are trying to grow.

How to Phrase a Powerful Question

As was mentioned earlier, when we phrase these affirmations of sorts into a question, our brain interprets it as a command and so had no choice but to answer it. This is a powerful way to get ourselves in a space to problem solve and be open to what is possible when we stop being angry or blaming or feeling sorry for ourselves when bad or hard things happen. Here is one amazing question you can ask yourself every day and start to watch how your brain will answer it throughout the day..”Why am I surrounded by bliss and happiness, no matter what?” Your brain will start to answer that question. And then it will start to find evidence in your day of why that question your asked yourself is true. That is where the magic happens, when your brain starts to make it true.

Powerful Questions Continued

In this next section, Suzanne suggests a few other questions you can ask yourself every day. And if you are hesitant or don’t believe that they can really help you, she encourages you to commit for a week. Asking the questions day and night for a week. And at the end of the week, you can re-evaluate and see if it’s worth doing for another week. And so on and so forth. The next question is “Why am I always surrounded with love, by love and amazing people whom I am deeply connected to?” You ask the question, then you sit with the answer for a minute. The next one is, “ Why am I so good at making keeping and multiplying money?” If you don’t have the money you want yet, you can switch the question up a bit and say something like, “Why am I now making decision that will make me so good at multiplying and keeping money.” The last three questions are, “Why does the universe always have my back”, and “why do my dreams and goals come to me with such ease and speed?”, and “why do I always get paid huge amounts of money just for being me, and doing the things I love?”

What Starts Small Grows as Your Business Does

Mike sees has he coaches people that the small struggles they have as their business is small often grow with them into bigger struggles of the same variety. By starting to ask yourself these questions and changing the way you think, you can start to be the boss of your brain and train it to serve you and your vision, not the other way around. It’s not about doing more, it’s about thinking differently. 

Final Takeaway: As you commit to asking yourself some growth affirmation questions every day, your brain will start to think in a more expansive, growing way and you will see the effects on your business. 

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