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Episode 831

Asking Questions to Propel Yourself Forward Instead of Stay Spinning - Part 1: Episode 831


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Episode 831 – Asking Questions to Propel Yourself Forward Instead of Stay Spinning - Part 1: Episode 831

Hi Clean Nation! Today on the podcast, we have one of our wonderful mindset coaches Suzanne here to chat with Mike about something so pivotal to our success. And it’s something we don’t always take into consideration as we are trying to solve issues and problems as they arise. That is the power of asking the right questions. How we talk to ourselves has a direct effect on how we feel, our ability to problem solve and ultimately how our business thrives, so this is key to get right. Listen in to the first part of this two part episode about how we’ll be much more productive if we start solving out problems by first asking the right questions.

The Awareness of the Questions We Ask Ourselves is Key

When it comes to our monkey brain and our mindset, the questions we ask ourselves is often the first place we spiral. Something gets hard and we say things like, “ Why do I never have enough time? Why do I never have enough money? Why is there not enough money at the end of the month? Why does this always happen to me?” Immediately, we do to negative and as soon as we do, our brain starts to shut down the problem solving, creative portion and instead starts to spin in confusion, self pity and frustration. From this place, it is almost impossible to see or create any forward momentum. It is why from the get go of an issue, it is so important to create forward momentum by asking the right questions.

Feeling Our Feelings Vs Wallowing

There is a misunderstanding when it comes to mindset that doing it right means you never feel negative emotion. In reality, it is quiet the opposite. The goal of learning to have a healthy, helpful mindset it to be able to feel negative emotions without being afraid of them or letting the throw you off course. It is perfectly acceptable to have what we call a ‘tantrum’ from time to time and just sit in those emotions when something catches you off guard. They are neither bad nor good. They simply. The key here is to move on once those emotions have been processed so that you aren’t just wallowing and feeling sorry for yourself. There is a difference between those two things and it’s important to understand the difference. 

Asking Yourself Poweful Questions Every Day

We’ll talk more about the rest of the exact questions in the next episode, but for today, we are going to move into the power of asking ourselves specifically, powerful questions every day. Often, we hear of the power of manifestations but if we say something our brain doesn’t believe, we will answer those manifestations with negative thoughts and they won’t be as effective. In contrast, if we ask those manifestations as a question, it is like command to our brains. We automatically answer the questions we ask ourselves. For example, when we ask ourselves, ‘why am I able to do so much in so little time?’, automatically we move into problem-solving and telling ourselves why this is possible for us. It keeps our brain open and curious rather than shut down and anxious. 

Final Takeaway: The questions you ask will lead to the amount of creativity your brain puts into a solution. Ask the right ones. 

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