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Episode 673

Ask Better Questions -- Get Better Results! :Episode 673


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Episode 673 – Ask Better Questions -- Get Better Results!

Today we have one of our most amazing Enrollment Coaches here at Grow My Cleaning Company, Aviv Derman. We decided to have Aviv on again so Cleaning Nation can get to know him better and also because he hangs out a lot in our free Facebook Group and sees a lot of our community asking questions and needing help.

Ask Better Questions

A lot of the questions that people in the group are asking are not the questions that are going to serve them. Questions such as: How do I clean this? How do I quote this, like the apartment? Is this the size of the office? Is this whatever?

We’re not saying these are stupid questions, they’re just not effective questions that are really going to help you and your business in the big picture of things. So we’re going to go over good and effective questions versus bad questions that aren’t going to serve you as much. Effective questions are going to get you where you want to go. Less effective questions that are going to hang you up.

Common Questions Revised

For example, a question we see a lot in some version or another is: How do I quote this? (ie apartment vs office). A better way to ask this would be: What’s the way to price to actually make some money.

In this example, first, the cost of goods sold should be 50%. assuming you’re paying someone else to do it. So the cost is $100, and you’d therefore charge $200.

The second question would be: how do I know how long it’s gonna take? This is something you will learn with experience and chances are your guess will be close. This is a good question actually for the Facebook group to give you ideas.

More Questions We Commonly See

How can I get new jobs? How can I make money? How can I be sure I’m profitable?

First of all, let’s start with our goal, with our clients. The first thing we do in our Elite Program is module 1.1 which outlines our core values and goals. Where do you want to be? Where are you at? What are your values?

If we don’t know what our goal is, what’s it matter what to charge? Because if our goal is just to clean as much as possible, well, then we might charge differently than if our goal is to make as much money as profit as possible, which might be different. If we want to hire as many people or so we have to get clear on the goal first.

The first best question no matter what is: What’s my goal? What do I want to achieve with this business? Is it freedom of time, money is a service as an impact?

The second would be what are the values? – What are the rules we’re going to play by to get accomplish this goal?

However, in terms of what is a BETTER question:

  • How much?
  • How long will it take to clean this? Or how much should I charge?
  • How can I get a bunch more people wanting to pay me to do this sort of work?

In terms of bidding the BETTER questions would be:

  • How do I make sure that I can provide the service like get the job, not just today, but I keep the job?
  • How do we get a bunch of people, more people than I can handle coming to me wanting me to do work for them than I can handle?

And probably the best question below:

  • What are my goals? And
  • What are the rules?

So those are the top two questions no matter what and this specific thing is, how do I get enough bids to hit those goals? While playing by the rules?

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