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Episode 1038

Are Your Employees Stealing Your Clients? Stealing Supplies? Here’s How to Deal with That!: Episode 1038


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Episode 1038 – Are Your Employees Stealing Your Clients? Stealing Supplies? Here’s How to Deal with That!


In this episode, we explore various questions and topics shedding light on how to overcome challenges in the cleaning industry. We’ll provide in-depth answers to the questions posed during the podcast and share practical advice for owners of cleaning companies.

Dealing with Employees Who Quit and Keep Company Property:

One of the questions addressed on the Facebook Live is about employees quitting and keeping company property, such as keys, client building access, and cleaning equipment. Mike Campion’s advice in such situations is to start by hiring the right people based on core values. When you hire individuals who genuinely align with your company’s core values, the likelihood of theft or unethical behavior significantly decreases. The focus should be on the hiring process itself to prevent such situations from arising. In essence, if you hire with integrity in mind, you can maintain a high level of trust within your team.

Thriving in a Challenging Economy:

Another question raised during the broadcat pertains to dealing with challenges posed by an unstable economy. Specifically, how can a cleaning business attract more residential customers when economic conditions are tough? Mike’s recommendation is to focus on upscaling your services and targeting clients who prioritize quality over price. Rather than trying to compete on cost, aim for clients who value a top-notch cleaning service and are willing to pay for it. In uncertain economic times, this strategy can help your cleaning business not only survive but thrive.

The Importance of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

The Facebook Live also tackled the importance of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for cleaning companies. KPIs are crucial for evaluating your company’s performance, and Mike Campion advises starting with financial indicators. He suggests keeping an eye on revenue trends, gross profit, and net profit. If your net profit is on the rise, your company is financially healthy. Additionally, monitoring client churn, sales leads, and bid success rates can provide valuable insights. Understanding the right KPIs and applying them to your business can be a game-changer for assessing and improving your company’s performance.


In conclusion, this Facebook Live recording provides valuable insights into the cleaning industry, helping cleaning company owners tackle challenges and grow their businesses. From dealing with employee-related issues to thriving in a tough economy and understanding the importance of KPIs, these conversations offer practical advice and solutions. By implementing the strategies discussed in the podcast and focusing on hiring individuals who align with your core values, you can enhance the integrity and success of your cleaning company. So, take action, listen to the podcast, and start making positive changes in your cleaning business today.
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