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Episode 1044

Are You the OWNER of a Cleaning Company, or are You the Cleaning Company Itself?: Episode 1044


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Episode 1044 –Are You the OWNER of a Cleaning Company, or are You the Cleaning Company Itself?

Mike Campion, the seasoned host and cleaning industry expert, dives into a transformative conversation with Suzanne Bandick, a seasoned mindset coach for cleaning business owners. The podcast explores the crucial shift from being a hands-on cleaner to adopting the identity of a business owner. Suzanne sheds light on the significance of embracing a business person identity, urging listeners to ponder a fundamental question: Are you the owner of a cleaning company, or are you the cleaning company itself?

The Transition Challenge:

Mike shares insights from his interactions with cleaning business owners, emphasizing a common challenge—the struggle to move from a hands-on, worker-bee mentality to the elevated role of an owner. This transition often involves overcoming limiting beliefs and shifting perspectives, especially for those making the leap from being a cleaner to a business owner.

Importance of Business Identity:

Suzanne delves into the importance of establishing a clear business owner identity. She emphasizes that without this shift in mindset, substantial business growth becomes elusive. Whether transitioning from cleaner to owner or aiming to uplevel an already established business, a change in identity is paramount. Suzanne advocates for clarity in recognizing and embracing the role of a business owner.

Navigating Discomfort and Myths:

Mike offers a nuanced perspective, acknowledging Suzanne’s points while highlighting exceptions to the absolute need for identity change. He stresses that while mindset is crucial, tangible actions also play a vital role. The discussion uncovers the hidden discomfort associated with changing identity and dispels the myth that business growth requires sacrificing personal well-being.

Facing Fears and Seeking Support:

Suzanne and Mike bring to light the fears that often remain unarticulated, such as the fear of not being needed or losing meaning. They stress the importance of acknowledging discomfort and seeking support, highlighting the value of community and masterminds in overcoming challenges. Suzanne emphasizes that acknowledging discomfort is the first step toward overcoming procrastination and making lasting changes.

Shift in Identity and Mindset:

The conversation transitions to the crux of the matter—the power of mindset. Mike shares personal experiences, revealing how his perspective evolved from dismissing mindset to recognizing its profound impact on business success. Suzanne further clarifies the role of mindset in addiction recovery, weight loss, and business growth, emphasizing the need to intentionally shape one’s identity through positive affirmations.

Self-Compassion and Moving Forward:

Suzanne encourages listeners to practice self-compassion and let go of past judgments. Mike provides a counterpoint, exploring the tendency to beat oneself up as a motivator. The dialogue underscores the importance of intentional self-talk and embracing a growth mindset, emphasizing that identity change is an ongoing process with room for slip-ups.

Practical Steps for Transformation:

To facilitate the shift in identity, Suzanne introduces four actionable steps. These include making decisions aligned with business goals, incorporating empowering “I am” statements, practicing introducing oneself as a business owner, and focusing on the most critical business-building activities each day. The emphasis is on practical, intentional steps to reinforce the desired identity.


The podcast concludes with a powerful reminder to cleaning business owners to reflect on their identity and consciously choose to be the owner, not just the cleaner. Mike and Suzanne deliver valuable insights, blending their distinct perspectives to guide listeners through a transformative journey from cleaner to empowered business owner.
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