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Episode 853

Are You Taking Advantage of Your Follow-Up Sequences?: Episode 853


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Episode 853 – Are You Taking Advantage of Your Follow-Up Sequences?: Episode 853

Today on the podcast, we have Jered Robinson, our in-house marketer, talking about how to use a follow-up sequence to stand out and get remembered. Follow-up sequences are a great way to keep your systems efficient and not let things/potential clients fall through the cracks, and they can also be used to your advantage in the selling process. Jered talks about how to take advantage of the follow-up contact with potential clients and how to use it as a way to brand yourself and create more connections with them. This is a great way to take your selling and onboarding process to the next level… Don’t miss this one!

Use Your Follow-Up Sequence as a Way to Be Remembered

It is so easy to get lost in a sea of businesses. If someone asks for 10 bids and gets 10 more or less identical emails back from those companies, it is going to be easy to get lost in the shuffle. To be forgettable. Instead, you can take advantage of those follow-up emails to stand out and be remembered. Jered gives the example of how people currently brand him while living in Mexico. They know him as the tall, red-headed white guy. But if he looked like everyone else, it would be harder to identify him in just a few short words.

Ask Yourself What You Want From Your Client

When it comes to writing your follow-up emails, you want to ask yourself what you want out of your customer. Maybe that’s having them hire you on the spot. Maybe it’s setting them up on automatic payment. And maybe, it’s leaving you a positive Google review or referring you to their friends. And you may be thinking, well if I do a good job, my work will speak for itself and they’ll leave the review without me asking. But the truth is, when a consumer gives you money, they feel like they are paying the debt of you doing your job. For them to be truly impressed, you have to go above and beyond, and you have to ask for a

What to Do to Stand Out

Generally, from the time someone contacts you to the time you come out to their home or business is about 24 to 48 hours. During that time, if you send them an email that says ‘thanks for your interest, we’ll see you on Wednesday at 10 am, there is nothing memorable about that interaction. In contrast, you could say something like “our cleaning fairies are all out right now, but here is a link to our website in the meantime where you can see some amazing before and after photos of other homes we’ve cleaned, and if you jump over to this link we’ll have a form for you to fill out and a calendar where you can make an appointment so we can make you just as happy as all our other clients.’ It’s just as much work for you as saying something forgettable, but it’s how you can stand out in a sea of competition.

Final Takeaway: Use your follow-up sequence to be memorable rather than forgettable. 

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