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Episode 1019

Are You Making This Mistake on Your Website for Your Cleaning Company?: Episode 1019


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Episode 1019
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Episode 1019 – Are You Making This Mistake on Your Website for Your Cleaning Company?


In a recent podcast episode, Mike Campion, owner and main coach of Grow My Cleaning Company, sat down with Jared Robinson, an ads guru with a knack for turning cleaning businesses into success stories. Their conversation revolved around a topic that affects countless cleaning company owners: the online presence dilemma.

The Overemphasis on Websites

Mike Campion kicked off the discussion by highlighting two common issues in the cleaning industry’s approach to online presence. The first issue is the overemphasis on websites. Many business owners believe that once they have a fancy website, the floodgates of success will open. However, Mike argues that this belief is short-sighted.

He emphasized that most web developers excel at making websites look good but lack marketing expertise. An aesthetically pleasing website won’t necessarily convert visitors into customers. Mike advocated for a different approach—a focus on creating a funnel instead of a traditional website.

The Power of Funnels

Instead of merely showcasing your business on a website, Mike recommended designing a landing page or funnel. Unlike a website, a landing page has one clear call to action tailored to the visitor’s needs. Whether it’s booking a call, signing up for a newsletter, or requesting a free estimate, funnels provide various options to engage potential customers.

The advantage of funnels lies in their trackability. You can monitor the conversion rate and calculate your return on investment, making it easier to optimize your marketing efforts.

Understanding Your Audience

Jered Robinson chimed in, emphasizing the importance of understanding your audience. He urged business owners to know their customers’ pain points and create content that addresses those issues.

He also cautioned against trying to be everywhere on social media. Instead, he recommended choosing one platform based on your target audience’s preferences and consistently posting content that resonates with them. It’s better to excel on one platform than to spread yourself thin across multiple channels.

The Good, Better, and Best Approach

Jered introduced a “good, better, best” mindset for social media marketing. The “good” approach is to pick one platform and focus on it. The “better” approach involves creating valuable content and pinning it to the top of your profile to catch visitors’ attention. The “best” approach is to be consistent in creating and posting content that offers value to your audience.


In conclusion, Mike and Jered stressed the need for cleaning company owners to rethink their online presence strategy. It’s not just about having a beautiful website or being on every social media platform. Instead, it’s about understanding your audience, creating valuable content, and optimizing your online presence for conversions.

So, if you’re a cleaning company owner, remember that your online success isn’t solely determined by your website’s appearance. It’s about connecting with your audience, solving their problems, and guiding them through a clear and effective marketing funnel.

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