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Are You LOVING or RESENTING Your Business?: Episode 1102


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Episode 1102 – Are You LOVING or RESENTING Your Business?

Introduction: Rediscovering Passion with Suzanne Bandick

In this enlightening podcast episode, Mike Campion welcomes Suzanne Bandick, a respected mindset coach and results coach for Grow My Cleaning Company. Mike acknowledges Suzanne’s expertise in guiding individuals not just on what to do in their business, but on how to rekindle their passion for it. Suzanne’s insights promise to delve into a topic close to every entrepreneur’s heart: loving your business again.

Yearning for Renewed Affection

Mike begins by acknowledging a common sentiment among business owners: the desire to fix issues or risk quitting. Beyond surface desires like more money or less work, lies a deeper longing to love their business again. Many entrepreneurs, like Mike, initially envision their business as a source of fulfillment and joy, but over time, this vision becomes distorted, leaving them feeling embarrassed or hesitant to admit their lack of love for their business.

The Energy of Your Business

Suzanne compares a business to a friend, emphasizing the importance of the energy surrounding it. Just as one welcomes a friend with positivity or avoids them with negativity, the same applies to how we interact with our businesses. Negative feelings towards aspects of the business, such as frustration with employees, can permeate the workplace, leading to further resentment and dissatisfaction.

Shifting Focus: From Resentment to Gratitude

Mike interjects with the pragmatic concern of how to address problematic behaviors in employees. Suzanne emphasizes the need to focus on the positive aspects first, fostering gratitude for what employees do well. By shifting the focus towards improvement rather than dwelling on shortcomings, business owners can cultivate a more positive environment and address issues constructively.

Taking Ownership and Empowering Change

Suzanne highlights the concept of extreme ownership, urging entrepreneurs to take responsibility for their thoughts and actions. She encourages a shift away from habitual negative thinking and complaining, emphasizing the power of focusing on what’s going right and taking proactive steps towards change. By acknowledging their role in shaping their business’s reality, owners can reclaim their power and foster a more fulfilling business and life.

Conclusion: Choosing Love Over Resentment

Mike concludes with the realization that a business fueled by resentment will never be profitable in the long run. Despite the allure of financial success, the true value lies in running a business that aligns with one’s passion and values. Both Mike and Suzanne advocate for focusing on cultivating positive thoughts and taking intentional action to nurture a business that brings joy and fulfillment.

By embracing a mindset of gratitude, ownership, and proactive change, cleaning company owners can reignite their love for their businesses, paving the way for lasting success and fulfillment.

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