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Episode 517

Are Cleaners Essential Businesses? Episode 517: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 517 – Are Cleaners Essential Businesses?

Many businesses are ordered by the government to shut down during times of crisis, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic. The problem is you still have a business to run, people to serve, and a family to provide for. If you don’t handle situation this properly, it could cost you everything you have built and worked for. Today we’re going to explore some false beliefs surrounding this issue.

False Belief – Cleaning companies have to shut down.

MANY if not most cities and states have deemed commercial cleaning essential. Residential isn’t as clear. That being said, this is only the case for the next few weeks or month until this pandemic clears up. Which leads us to the next point – we’ve also got to get out of the mindset that…

False Belief – The government deciding you are essential or nonessential determines your future.

The reality is that what we do is more essential now than ever in history! This stay at home mandate WILL end. At that time, the world needs us all the more as people begin to move around again. We STILL need to flatten the curve! As cleaners, we’re the front line of defense.

False Belief – You are a bad person to continue cleaning.

The truth is, you can be a good citizen by protecting your customers and employees, not forcing anyone to do anything they don’t want to do, and providing IMPORTANT services. We rarely recommend getting out of your niche, but at this time, residential might want to help out commercial properties since the need is there. People need our help! Keep in mind that no one is saying doctors and nurses, who are out there stopping the spread, are bad people for continuing to do their jobs!

False Belief – You are out of business.

This is the easy way out. The reality is that you might need to change how you do business for the next couple of weeks or months. This mindset will only “kill” the uncommitted without a plan. As business leaders, we should be thinking about how we can lead our communities. Think more along the lines of “Do I need to change our offer?” or “How else can I support our clients during this time?”

False Belief – It will take a long time to “build back up”.

GMCC believes that when we go forward, it will take a few weeks to go back to “normal”. People will be needing a permanent solution now for fighting all viruses. There are going to be those who get scared, contract the virus, and give up. The rest of us are going to be THE FRONT LINE to protect our communities. Not only will there be a “build back up”, there will be an immediate need for MORE cleaning than ever! There’s been very few times in recent history where pain is clear and there’s not much of a price problem.

False Belief – I’ll just wait and see.

The wave (more like tsunami) is coming. You need to start paddling now because if you wait until wave is on top of you, you’ll just get crushed. In business terms this looks like getting your client attraction and employee attraction systems down now. When people start moving it will be TOO LATE, so start paddling now and HARD. You absolutely still have to do the work, and it will be hard work. If you don’t do the work though, you’re likely going to have your accounts taken by a more prepared company!
If you DON’T freak out and use this time to build your systems, this could be the year you double or quadruple your business and your service to your community!

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