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Episode 708

Amazing Employees Come from an Amazing Hiring Process: Episode 708


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Episode 708 – Amazing Employees Come from an Amazing Hiring Process

Welcome to the podcast Cleaning Nation! On today’s podcast, our in-house mindset ninja Tracey Thompson talks to an incredibly promising, creative duo- Erika and Tara of ET Clean Home (amazing name right?!)- who are taking a unique approach to cleaning by bringing Instagram followers along with them during their cleaning process! Come listen how this creative spin has made the difference and what else they’ve done to set themselves apart as an up and coming cleaning business in the midst of a pandemic.

Using Instagram as a Platform for Growth

I love the creativity in this approach because it would be easy to think that a cleaning company might not do well on Instagram or struggle with content to post. But these women chose to think outside the box and started posting before and afters of the spaces they were cleaning. We all love a good before and after- no matter the subject- and before long they started to get more followers and even business from people seeing their account.

Why Core Values Need to Be in Place from the Beginning

Erika and Tara are growing so fast, they are already hiring and having to turn down business because they are having a hard time hiring the right people. Before they start running ads or looking for people, step 1 always and forever is putting in place and being crystal clear on core values. For example, in their case, they are fun, light hearted people who want that reflected in their brand. If they hire someone who is serious and unfriendly, that’s not going to be a value match. Getting clear on those core values and then advertising to people who line up with those values is the best approach to finding an employee match for your growing company.

Millionaire Mindset Math

The next step is to watch your mindset around what you’re willing to spend in your business. If your attitude is that anything that gets you more growth is ‘too expensive’ you’re going to stay right where you are. On the other hand, if you look at a future employee in terms of total revenue that person will bring into your company per year, that’s a more motivating place to come from. Now you realize that paying a few hundred dollars to hire someone who is a great fit for your company will pay off big in the long run.

Creating the Right Hiring Process

Now that you have the right mindset, it’s time to get the right hiring funnel. The first step to that is having the right ad. Rather than writing the same dry ad as everyone else in the industry, create an ad to fit your brand. If that is happy, upbeat and fun, make an ad that reflects that. Next, you’ll want to have an in person group interview. Make the candidate have to get out of their house and show up to an interview. The more they are required to do to get the job, the more likely it is they’ll show up when they need to at work. After the group interview, conduct a 1 on 1 interview asap.

The next step in the hiring process would be to take them out in the field with you to see how they actually clean with the understanding that they aren’t actually hired yet

Final Takeaway:

When you are clear on your hiring process from the beginning, you can have those systems in place to hire qualified, long term employees that will help you grow as fast as you want to!

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