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Episode 1119

AMA Insights on Building a Winning Hiring Funnel and More!: Episode 1119


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Episode 1119 – AMA Insights on Building a Winning Hiring Funnel and More!


In this podcast episode, Mike Campion and Lindsay host an AMA and dive into various topics, offering valuable insights and advice to listeners. Let’s break down some key points discussed.

Ask Mike Anything (AMA)

Lindsay introduces the theme of the episode: an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with Mike. They opt for a freestyle approach, aiming to cover multiple questions in a shorter span of time. Mike’s willingness to address various inquiries showcases their commitment to providing valuable content to their audience.

Crafting a Hiring Funnel

One listener queries about creating a hiring funnel, expressing frustration with setbacks in hiring. Mike outlines the fundamentals, stressing the importance of empowering cleaners to recruit, train, and evaluate new hires. He breaks down the process into steps, emphasizing the use of core values in advertisements to attract suitable candidates.

Maximizing Value Perception

Another listener seeks advice on pricing strategies, echoing Mike’s mantra that if a problem requires money, having money is no longer a problem. Mike emphasizes the significance of understanding the value proposition and catering to affluent clients willing to pay premium prices for exceptional service. He illustrates this with examples from different industries, urging listeners to focus on solving high-value problems.

Harnessing Resourcefulness

A listener inquires about marketing on a limited budget. Mike encourages resourcefulness, suggesting leveraging time when lacking funds. He emphasizes the importance of investing time in learning and creativity, offering alternatives such as trading services or investing in education to acquire marketing skills.

Client Relationships and Value

Addressing concerns about clients canceling after the first deep clean, Mike advises reframing the relationship dynamics. He advocates for lowering barriers to entry, offering incentives, and focusing on providing exceptional value to attract and retain the right clients. Mike underscores the importance of prioritizing long-term client relationships over short-term setbacks.


In summary, this podcast episode provides actionable insights into building effective hiring processes, maximizing value perception, and navigating challenges in client relationships and marketing. Mike’s practical advice and engaging delivery style make it a valuable resource for cleaning business owners seeking to grow and succeed.
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