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Episode 1070

Affordable Leads and Prime Positioning with Google Local Service Ads: Episode 1070


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Episode 1070 –Affordable Leads and Prime Positioning with Google Local Service Ads


In the latest podcast episode, Mike Campion and Jackson Pinkoski expolore the game-changing realm of Google Local Service Ads (LSAs). With a focus on residential cleaning companies, they unravel the potential and significance of LSAs in the current marketing landscape. Let’s explore the key takeaways from their insightful discussion.

LSAs: A Quick Overview:

Mike kicks off the conversation by shedding light on the uniqueness of LSAs. Positioned as a paid lead generation tool, LSAs stand out from traditional paid traffic methods. Unlike conventional Google ads, LSAs connect potential customers directly to your Google business profile, showcasing reviews and essential information. While they work exceptionally well for residential services, commercial success can be a hit or miss.

Advantages of LSAs:

Jackson emphasizes the critical role LSAs play in the success of residential cleaning businesses. The pay-per-lead model distinguishes LSAs from other advertising platforms. With an average cost of around $20 per lead for residential services, LSAs offer a cost-effective solution. Moreover, LSAs secure a prime position above other ads on Google, enhancing visibility and credibility. The ability to customize your business profile allows you to highlight specific services and optimize lead quality.

Strategies for Success:

Mike shares valuable strategies for maximizing the benefits of LSAs. He stresses the importance of setting a wide budget to ensure you don’t miss out on potential leads. While the setup process may seem daunting, the subsequent advantages of reduced competition make it worthwhile. Mike encourages businesses to leverage LSAs to their full potential, aiming to be the highest bidder and securing as many leads as possible.

Tips and Tricks:

As the discussion unfolds, Jackson provides a tip for businesses looking to gain an edge in LSAs. Emphasizing diversity and inclusivity, he recommends highlighting if your business is woman or minority-owned. This simple yet impactful addition to your profile can give you a competitive advantage and attract customers who appreciate diversity.

Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, Mike Campion and Jackson Pinkowski urge cleaning business owners to capitalize on the current opportunity presented by LSAs. With leads available at an unprecedented low cost, the duo emphasizes the importance of seizing the moment and investing in this advertising avenue. While acknowledging potential limitations, they emphasize the simplicity and effectiveness of LSAs, making them a valuable asset for growing your cleaning business.


The phone number for Google LSA’s that Mike mentions in this episode is 833-272-1444 (as of January 2024)
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