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Episode 111

Advertising Cleaning Services: Episode 111: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 111 – Advertising Cleaning Services

Advertising Cleaning Services
In today’s episode Mike coaches Susie Ducan of Two Ladies and a bucket on advertising cleaning services.

Society puts a ton of pressure on us to get into social media. There are so many outlets and methods we get overwhelmed. When one hot thing dies out, a new one pops up and we are expected to adapt and master that social media outlet or be told we will be irrelevant in a week.

The problem with that is that we can’t master them all and we end up sucking at them! So we end up throwing money at the problem. Either trying to do it ourselves or hiring someone else to do it for us.

We walk around with this sense of doom hanging over us if we aren’t constantly tweeting, posting, videoing, snapchatting or whatever the new fandangled social media tool is.

BONUS TIP: You don’t have to do that.

Let me repeat that….YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO THAT.

You can build a multi-million dollar cleaning business without using social media at all.

Foundationally you have to stop listening to the sales people, the internet, the universe telling you how to run your business.

SEO sales people will tell you that if you aren’t on the front page of google you might as well quit, which isn’t the truth!

That’s not to say that being on the first page of google won’t get you some additional clicks to your website, but it isn’t the end all and be all for your company.

WHere we need to start is with our goals. What are we looking to do?

You want to be in charge of your business not the other way around.

The biggest way to know if your business is in charge of you, is that feeling that you are constantly in a rush to catch up and feed it.

You have to be really clear on where exactly you want to be. “Bigger” isn’t clear enough.

Second you need to know why is that important. “To make more money Mike!” but money really isn’t the ultimate goal. Why do you want that money?

You have to pick your battles. Find out the best medium for YOU to serve your GOALS and what your niche market is.

Then do the math of how many accounts of those niche clients you need to serve your goals.

How many customers do I need to hit my goal and why is that goal important?

If your goal is just MORE, then you are going to spend all your time and money on attracting “more” but you don’t know where you’re going or why.

But if you say “ I need 10 new customers a month, and I lose 2 a month, I need to pick up 12”

Then you need to ask yourself what is the easiest way to pick up 12 new customers a month?

You may be asking yourself, well that’s all fine and dandy Mike, but what on God’s green earth does it have to do with advertising Cleaning Services?

Once we know what we want and who our customer is we know how to market to them.

If you are marketing to home-makers, where and how is going to be very different than marketing to single businessmen or commercial property managers.

You can’t reach out to everyone with one message that is bland and doesn’t appeal to anyone specifically.

When you know exactly who your customer is and where they congregate you can craft a message that speaks to them very specifically. That will let them know you understand them and their needs better than any other provider out there. Leaving you as the only choice for them.

I would rather you be on one very specific marketing media where you customers are, with one very specific message than all social media places with several bland messages trying to appeal to everyone.

So the next question would be “great Mike, how do I figure out where those people are at?”

SO glad you asked! ASK THEM.

Go to your target customers and ask them where they found their last cleaning company. Where do they spend their time? Who else do you know are like that? Where are your friends?

Advertising cleaning services isn’t just about putting any message out there to anyone that will listen. It’s about knowing your customers better than your competition and letting them know you get them and you can solve what keeps them up at night.

Asking your customers what problems you can solve for them is so much more powerful than offering them to clean their house in exchange for money.

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Slow to hire, quick to fire!
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