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Episode 962

A Single Mom’s Journey from Overwhelm to Empowered Cleaning Company Owner - Part 1: Episode 962


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EP 962
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Episode 962 – A Single Mom’s Journey from Overwhelm to Empowered Cleaning Company Owner - Part 1

In part one of this blog, we share the inspiring story of Kayla Darling, one of Grow My Cleaning Company’s clients. Kayla is not only a favorite client of Mike’s, but she also represents the struggles faced by many moms who are pulled in different directions. In this blog post, we’ll delve into Kayla’s journey, her frustrations, and the pivotal moment when she decided to make a change.

Kayla’s Overwhelming Reality:
When Mike first met Kayla, he instantly recognized the challenges she faced as a single mom juggling multiple responsibilities. Raising more than one child as a single parent is no small feat. Kayla had to not only take care of her children but also manage the household, ensure everyone was fed, and strive to be an entrepreneur. These demanding roles left little time for herself, her own desires, and meeting her own needs.

The Turning Point:
Kayla had been feeling overwhelmed for a long time, and she reached out to Mike for help. She knew she needed something different in her life and business. The weight of running a business without effective strategies and organization was draining her energy and taking a toll. Kayla candidly shares the chaos she experienced on a daily basis, where she would handle client calls, make lunch for her kids, chase after her dog, and still pretend that everything was fine. The constant juggling act of being a mom, an entrepreneur, and maintaining a personal life had become too much.

Seeking Guidance and Change:
With her business and personal life spiraling out of control, Kayla recognized the need for help to rein in her business and regain control of her life. She wanted to focus on reorganizing her life and finding a sense of grounding amidst the chaos. Kayla emphasizes that money alone isn’t enough if it comes at the cost of her sanity and well-being. She was determined to make a change and sought the guidance she needed.

The Journey Begins:
Kayla’s decision to seek help was not an overnight realization but rather the result of years of trying various approaches within the cleaning industry. From commercial cleaning to post-construction cleaning, she had explored different avenues. However, attempting to handle every aspect of the business on her own without any support proved to be overwhelming and counterproductive.

A New Mindset:
During her journey with Grow My Cleaning Company, Kayla experienced a significant shift in mindset. She learned the importance of working on her business rather than getting consumed by it. Initially, she used the term “working on my business” without truly understanding its meaning. She realized that her business owned her instead of the other way around. This awareness empowered her to make changes and regain control.

Embracing Change and Growth:
Kayla acknowledges that change is not always comfortable, especially when it requires stepping out of one’s comfort zone. However, she expresses gratitude for the struggles she faced in her business, as they ultimately led her to appreciate the need for change and growth. She believes that going through those challenges provided her with a deeper understanding and readiness for transformation.

Change Happens in a Second:
Reflecting on her journey, Mike shares an important insight she gained from Anthony Robbins: change happens in a second. It is not a matter of accumulating pain and suffering over a long period. Rather, it is a decision that can be made in an instant. Mike encourages others to adopt this mindset and not to prolong their own suffering unnecessarily. Waiting for a rock bottom moment is not necessary; change can be embraced proactively.

Closing Thoughts:
Kayla’s story is an inspiration to all those who find themselves overwhelmed and stuck in their businesses and personal lives. Stay tuned for the next blog for part two of Kayla’s story!

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