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Episode 655

A Mindset to Help You Through Hiring Issues - Part 2: Episode 655


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Episode 655 – A Mindset to Help You Through Hiring Issues - Part 2

Hello Cleaning Nation! We are bringing you part two on how to navigate hiring issues today. The story you tell yourself plays a huge role in your success. So how do you change the story? That is exactly what we are talking about today.

Why do We Naturally go into “Freak-out Mode”

From the beginning of time fear was an important emotion because it kept us on guard from danger. Naturally our brain wants to protect us from uncertainty and things we perceive as danger. When it comes to things like bungee jumping or skydiving, this emotion is useful. However, when it comes to certain business decisions it does not serve us well. The more we listen to it, the more it becomes ingrained in our minds. The fear is not your fault but it is your responsibility to figure out how to navigate this if you want a different outcome. When we have negative thoughts and follow them, internally our brain rewards us. There isn’t just one thing that is holding us back with these emotions. You have the social part of it where you feel good complaining to others and then the biological part that rewards us for following that fear.

How to Identify and Push through the Fear

The number one way to identify this is to look at your results and see where you are. If it is a continuous problem, that is a clear sign that it is holding you back. Once you identify the problem, step back and get your mind off of it. You can go on a walk, play with your kids, turn on your favorite tv show, etc. A great way to get the issue off of your chest is to smile, because when you smile your brain knows that you are happy which changes your emotional state. Then you want to view the issue as a separate problem. Then we want to examine the story and ask ourselves whether or not the story is serving us. If the answer is no, switch the story. By switching the negative story to a positive one you are conditioning your brain to think more positively. Our reality is ninety percent what we think and how we perceive our situation. You can actually bend reality to your will. The reality is that you choose to tell yourself any story you want. Successful entrepreneurs will tell themselves a positive story and bend their reality to success by following these stories. However, the story and the state go hand in hand. By doing this you will allow yourself to find the knowledge and opportunities to grow yourself and your business.

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