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Episode 654

A Mindset to Help You Through Hiring Issues - Part 1: Episode 654


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Episode 654 – A Mindset to Help You Through Hiring Issues - Part 1

Hello Cleaning Nation! Today I am joined by the brilliant Tracey Thompson. I am so excited to be recording this episode today. We are going to talk about the struggles with hiring right now and how to push through it.

How to Get Past your Struggles with Mindset

The most common thing we hear in coaching is tactical excuses but this is when we really need to focus on the story we are telling ourselves. When people tell themselves these excuses, they tend to globalize their issues. What comes after that is a closed mind. This mindset puts us in a place where we can no longer see or learn new ways to hire because we are so wrapped up in our negative minds.

Journey for Cleaning Business through Covid

When Covid first began, cleaning as a business took a dip, but came back very quickly. People started to realize that they needed someone to sterilize their environment in order to keep themselves and others healthy. As more people stayed home and the government started to give out more and more money to those people, the labor force went down. The truth is that it may be harder to hire right now because there is a much smaller pool of people looking for work. However, there are solutions to these issues and no matter how small the pool, people are still looking for work. One solution for this issue is to pay more to employees. If you have the money, you don’t have a problem. So what do we do if we don’t have the money to throw at this issue?

Solutions to the Hiring Problem

When you first start working on a way to solve an issue, the first thing to do is to stop focusing on the things you can’t control. If we spend time focusing on the things we can’t control we start going in a circle. The first thing that we do in the circle is make an excuse for why something isn’t working. Then we move on and try the same exact thing we just did. Tracey gave a great example of this which was, “I’m going ten miles an hour and it’s not working. Why would fifty miles per hour work better?”. This process paralyzes you because it stops you from being able to see another way. Focusing on the things we can’t control can be easier in our minds because focusing on the things we can control requires more work. What we need to do now is take the emotional blinders off and bring logic in.

Are Emotions Bad?

Neuroscientists have done many studies that have come out with the same outcome. Each study stated that our decisions are emotionally based and justified with logic. The first step to take here is to recognize that we are making our decisions based on emotions and then identify which emotions are holding us back. Does this mean all emotions are bad? No. Some of the best decisions we ever make are based on emotions. An example of this is the saying, “I trusted my gut feeling”. If we identify which emotion we are feeling we can decide whether or not it is serving us. An example of a bad emotion is, “I am freaking out. I can’t find anyone to hire.” This type of emotion can cause us to make bad decisions for our businesses and in our lives. From this point, you need to pull yourself out of freak out mode so you can make calm and logical decisions for your business.
We are so excited to announce that this was just part 1! We are going to continue next week and talk about tactical ways to hire people.

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