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Episode 932

A Mindset Approach to Overcoming Bottlenecks in Business: Episode 932


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ep 932
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Episode 932 –A Mindset Approach to Overcoming Bottlenecks in Business

Lindsay and Suzanne discuss how to overcome bottlenecks and obstacles that arise in business and technology. They start by acknowledging the negative thinking spiral that can occur when faced with a challenge. Often, these obstacles trigger past failures, which can amplify negativity and limit progress. To combat this, they suggest thanking the little voices in your head for sharing but ultimately pushing through with the help of support systems.

The analogy of a boat going down a river is used to illustrate how obstacles can be overcome. The boat represents progress and the obstacles represent the bottlenecks that can slow it down or stop it entirely. By being creative and finding ways to navigate or move around the obstacle, progress can be maintained. However, succumbing to the obstacle and getting stuck can cause a backlog of issues and prevent further progress.

The hosts encourage listeners to challenge their negative self-talk and recognize when they need to ask for help. Past failures do not dictate future outcomes, and the right mindset and support can help overcome any obstacle. They conclude by reminding listeners that progress requires action, and it is okay to encounter obstacles as long as there is a willingness to push through and seek help when needed.

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