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Episode 916

A Deep Dive into the Client Happiness Manager Role


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Episode 916 – A Deep Dive into the Client Happiness Manager Role

Lindsay Bjorklund discusses the role of a client happiness manager in a cleaning company. She mentions that this role is important and is necessary to have once the company has a few cleaners. She also stresses the importance of following core values, as this will ensure that the client happiness manager performs their duties in line with the company’s mission.

Bjorklund explains how to measure client happiness, starting with tracking client turnover. She defines turnover as the number of clients who quit divided by the total number of clients. She gives an example of setting a goal of 10% turnover or less and having the client happiness manager track this monthly, so they can be aware of any changes. Additionally, she mentions that tracking positive reviews and ensuring that the number of negative reviews is kept to a minimum is also a good indicator of client happiness.

Bjorklund concludes by emphasizing the importance of the client happiness manager having a good understanding of the company’s clients and their needs. She suggests that they should be in the “weeds” with customers and know what is happening with them. By doing this, the client happiness manager will be able to effectively manage client happiness and ensure that the company is meeting its goals.

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