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Episode 681

A Creative and Fun Tool to Find Organic Leads for Your Cleaning Business: Episode 681


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Episode 681 – A Creative and Fun Tool to Find Organic Leads for Your Cleaning Business:

Today our guest is Autumn Dell, one of our Next Level Clients, who was on the podcast before back in February 2021 when she was in the Elite Group. Autumn started Get It Together Cleaning Services in 2018, in Loganville, Georgia, outside of Atlanta. After a year, she hired her first employee. Now she runs the team, and she doesn’t worry about cleaning anymore. She’s here with us again to give an update on her Next Level experience, as well as share how her podcast has helped grow her cleaning business.

Big Changes for Autumn

Autumn feels that she can now officially say that she is a successful cleaning business owner, in fact, she took a one whole week vacation last week. She loves it when she calls her employees to check in, they can handle the business properly without her being there all the time.

According to Autumn, since she followed the systems that she’d learned in the Grow My Cleaning Company program and put it all together in place, “The system works, it went well and it’s amazing.”

How a Cleaning Company Owner can help the Business by doing Podcast

Hosting a podcast helps bring value to your community by offering services and showcasing businesses to listeners in their area. Furthermore your perfect prospect or your perfect kind of customer might just be the person you’re interviewing! You’re bringing extra value in two ways. Number one, the guests on your show walk away with great exposure if you’re sharing your podcast as much as possible. The guest gets to showcase their business. Hopefully other people listening have the same kind of social or age group. So they are listening to episodes and getting value. Since your podcast guests and/or listeners might also be your perfect prospects, you can offer them a promotion such as a free clean.

Autumn’s Most Interesting Guest

Autumn recently had a travel agent and an editor/publisher of their local newspaper on as guests. The newspaper editor/publisher interview was interesting because it brought value to Autumn by sparking ideas of how she can better interview her own guests. Her next podcast interview will be the Mayor of their town which should be exciting as well as offer lots of exposure to new people to her podcast!

Where can people find Autumn Dell?

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