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Episode 1056

2024 Ready: Building a Resilient Cleaning Company: Episode 1056


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Episode 1056 – 2024 Ready: Building a Resilient Cleaning Company


In the latest podcast episode, Mike Campion and Jenell Newell dive deep into a crucial aspect of business planning: preparing for the inevitable twists and turns that come our way. As they gear up for 2024, they explore the significance of building resilience and share insights on how to stay on track when things don’t go according to plan.

Planning for the Unpredictable:

In the fast-paced world of running a cleaning business, Jenell sheds light on the common scenario where meticulous plans can be derailed by unexpected challenges. She emphasizes the need to incorporate resilience into business strategies, not just focusing on the ‘what’ but also on the ‘how’ when things take an unexpected turn.

Mindset Tools for Resilience:

Jenell is a mindset coach who brings a unique perspective to the conversation. She stresses the importance of integrating mindset tools directly into the business plan. Whether it’s revisiting the ‘why’ behind the plan or maintaining a positive mindset through inspirational playlists, they encourage cleaning company owners to have a toolkit ready for moments when resilience is needed.

System Checks and Adaptation:

The conversation takes a practical turn as Jenell introduces the concept of regular system checks. These checks act as milestones, allowing business owners to evaluate their progress and make adjustments if needed. By incorporating these check-ins into the calendar, cleaning company owners can stay proactive and adapt to challenges without feeling overwhelmed.

Choosing Focus and Overcoming Setbacks:

Mike Campion interjects with his insights on successful people and their ability to choose where to focus. He warns against dwelling on the past, urging listeners to see setbacks as opportunities. Mike suggests reframing problems as opportunities and emphasizes the importance of focusing on the very next step rather than getting overwhelmed by the multitude of tasks ahead.

The Power of Resilience:

As the discussion progresses, Jenell and Mike reinforce the idea that resilience is a key element of any business plan. They share personal experiences and highlight the role of commitment, whether it’s through a paid coach, a friend, or personal accountability. Jenell stresses that everyone’s toolkit for resilience will be different, and business owners need to find what works best for them.


In wrapping up the podcast, Mike quotes Winston Churchill, emphasizing the importance of never giving up. The duo leaves cleaning company owners with a powerful message: success is about navigating from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm. As we approach 2024, the call to action is clear—expect setbacks, build resilience, and never underestimate the power of a well-crafted plan.
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