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Episode 553

1,000 IG Followers and 76 Appointments in 84 Days:: Episode 553: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 553 – 1,000 IG Followers and 76 Appointments in 84 days

You KNOW you should be on Instagram… and Facebook… and Twitter… and every other platform, but not only do you have time to “figure it all out” even if you did, you wouldn’t have time to DO it! If you COULD figure it all out, you would be able to get all those social media clients you talk about and GROW like you want! In this post, I am going to show you not only how we went from ZERO to 1,000 with NO AD spend. More importantly how we turned those 1,000 followers into 76 appointments!

Don’t Assume Without Testing:

I use Facebook and everyone uses Facebook, so we used Facebook and had great success! LinkedIn is another platform that I  like and understand, and there are people are on it, but we haven’t been able to crack that nut. As for Instagram, I don’t use it, really like it as much, or even really understand it, so I assumed no one did. Once we set up our Instagram finally and got it rolling, I realized I am an idiot 😉


Okay, so here’s the background on how we set up our Instagram account. A side note here: we do use paid ads on IG, but today I am ONLY covering organic in this post. First, decide if your account will be a personal or business account. We use a business account, since we want to page to be more about Grow My Cleaning Company instead of the genius, Mike Campion 😉 Next, connect your Instagram page with your Facebook Business page. You should also decide if you are going to manage the Instagram page yourself or if you will hire a VA or a service to handle it. We hired a VA in our case!

Grow it:

Search and follow hashtags that describe your perfect prospect. In our case, since we’re targeting owners of cleaning businesses, we focussed on #cleaningservice or #cleaningbusiness. Next, follow, like and comment. We started with following 20 people a day. Once they follow back, DM (direct message) them and book a call.

Post as frequently as you can give VALUE. We aim to do one post to our feed per day and one story a day, seven days per week. Once we hit 600 followers, we started growing 100 followers per week without following back.


On my podcast I invited people to DM me for a copy of my book. This made them follow me AND engage! Of course we gave out the book, but we also started conversations!


A few engagement tips to keep in mind:

  • You need to add value, but don’t sell!
  • Videos tend to engage well.
  • ALL marketing, not just Instagram needs to GIVE first before asking.
  • Take polls, ask questions they will be EXCITED to answer to start conversations
    • “How could I help you grow and improve your company?” “What would you like to know/learn to take your business to the next level?” “What have you struggled with the most in your business?” Also, some more casual stuff like “What would you like me to talk about in the podcast?”
  • Be conversational- NOT business.
  • BE YOU and YOUR personality.

To sum it all up, if you want to get more customers from social media and don’t have enough time, follow that framework and ENGAGE a new audience!

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