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Episode 705

Why Failing to Make and Stick with Decisions Is Likely Impeding Your Growth: Episode 705


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Episode 705 – Why Failing to Make and Stick with Decisions Is Likely Impeding Your Growth

Today on the podcast, our in house mindset whiz Tracey Thompson is talking to Roger Turner, a client who is taking the cleaning industry by storm. Roger started Turner Building Maintenance in Auburn California in 2013. Since then, he has continued to grow and has expanded out to the greater Sacramento Area. He is now approaching $750,000 a year in his business and is learning the power of making decisions and sticking to them to help him grow more than ever!

What Needed to Change

When Roger first came to us, he was in the business of sub contractors- he didn’t own the contracts himself. It was more of a side business that he ran while working full time selling janitorial supplies. When he came to us, our mindset coach started to talk to him about overall profits and how he was missing out on a big chunk by contracting everything out. That the bigger he got, the lower his margins would get.

It wasn’t easy but Roger took a risk and started to take back the contracts and hire his own in-house employees following our coach’s advice to make the decision first and figure out the details later.

He trusted in that and things started to really turn around for him. He has now had 6 employees working with him for over a year.

The Shift From Working IN the Business to Working ON the Business

Once Roger started hiring employees, he realized he could start to focus on his work/life balance. Part of that was giving over responsibilities to his employees and trusting that they could manage it well and get shifts covered.

He worked with his employees to start to take responsibility over making sure that things were getting done without his help.

The Power of Reverse Engineering a Decision

Often, we want to make a decision after we have all the details figured out. What Roger is learning in his business is that it’s not always the best way to do things. In a mindset decision, first you decide, then you retro engineer the solution. In other words, you find the solution, because when you’re all in. The word decide means to cut away all other options.

For Roger, he is seeing this happen in real life situations in his company. Once he made the decision that he wasn’t going to spend hours every weekend looking for someone to cover a shift, the shifts started to get covered by those who were in charge of solving the problem.

Core Values Always Make the DIfference When it Comes to Hiring

Roger has learned the power of having core values and making decisions in his company based on those. From hiring to training to contracts to deciding whether or not to let an employee go. With core values, it’s as simple as- do they align with my core values? If the answer is no, it doesn’t matter how many times they get in trouble for showing up late, if our basic core values don’t align, the behavior isn’t going to change.

With that in place, now there is time to grow and be profitable, and with that profit you can take care of your people who are committed like you are to making your business grow.

Put Systems in Place to Allow for Growth

One piece of advice Roger gives in closing is to put systems in place for growth. Ask yourself, if this won’t work if I double or triple my business, let’s not implement it now. Instead, let’s implement systems that can withstand our growing pains.

Key Takeaways:

Stop keeping yourself stuck by staying in indecision. Make the decisions, take the risks, and watch things work themselves out.

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