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Episode 856

When NICE Becomes a Four Letter Word: Episode 856


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Episode 856 – When NICE Becomes a Four Letter Word: Episode 856

Today on the podcast, we have the wonderful Tracey Thompson and Lindsay Bjorklund here to discuss the downfalls of being too ‘nice’. This may seem like a funny thing to talk about but being too nice can really impede us in our business from creating the culture we want. Especially if we hide under things under the guise of ‘nice’. Listen in as Lindsay and Tracey discuss this important topic and how people-pleasing isn’t always the best option.

Viewing ‘Nice’ As Weakness

Recently, Tracey spoke with a client about her employees. She said at the interviews, they always seem great but then after a few weeks, they start skipping work and become really problematic. She has a hard time talking to them about their behavior because she doesn’t want to have to confront them. Instead of having hard conversations with them, she tried to figure out other ways to communicate with them. In other words, she thinks she’s being ‘nice’. But what Tracey showed her is that being ‘nice’ is actually being weak. In this scenario, not being honest about what’s really going on and what you want to happen is just prolonging the issue. But when you know you’re not weak, this will empower you to realize that you aren’t weak and that’s not how you want to approach these issues. With this shift in mindset, you’ll be more likely to have those difficult conversions that need to happen for you to get what you need in your company.

Another Result of “Nice”

Another sign you are likely being ‘nice’ is that you delagate tasks your employees SHOULD be doing to others because you don’t want to burden them. Oftentimes, you delegate those tasks to yourself, even though you hired them and they should be doing those tasks. It’s what you hired them to do. If you find yourself taking on more and more so that you don’t have to have difficult conversations, this is another time where you should view that as a weakness. So is bending the rules, making accommodations, and lowering your price.

What Does Real ‘Nice’ Look Like?

As a stakeholder in your business, you are in charge of making sure it is sustainable. You are responsible for a healthy profit margin and for shepherding and caring for your growing business. In that context, being nice means having boundaries, and being clear on expectations. Anything that detracts from this is not nice, it’s a weakness. It’s taking away from the business you could have. As you practice this kind of nice, you will gain more confidence in your ability to do what your company needs to grow and expand and thrive. 

Final Takeaway: Don’t be weak in the name of being ‘nice’. 

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